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    EPISODE 375 — Wompler's REAL 17th B-Day Womptacular

    How come Scott has so much trouble playing music while Listler can play music with ease? His "pick a song you made and we'll listen to 12 seconds" thing with musicians is pretty irritating, yet Listler can go all in on Mr. Bombastic NO PROBLEMO
  2. are there more ads since Howl came out? I feel like I'm getting sandbagged out here over the wall, they're trying to drown me out until i crawl over
  3. Well Kbeef2, it looks like you are the current Master of Movies (being the only entrant into the HHFFDOTUVOAAHT). Jennifer Lawrence's latest news article: Jennifer Lawrence Embodies Old Hollywood Glamour In New Dior Ad +5 for positive Hollywood Glamour Embodiment Bradley Cooper's latest news article: Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper arrive in New York after summer in Europe +5 for summer in Europe with attractive beau CURRENT STANDINGS 1. KBEEF2- 10 POINTS 2. THE REST OF THE WORLD- 0 POINTS
  4. Hello all you Handbookheads, podpeople, and forumfreaks. This is the Hollywood Handbook Fantasy Film Draft. The rules are simple (in that they are complicated). I'm making this up as I go along but I think the formula is airtight and has absolutely no flaws whatsoever. The purpose of this "game" is to assemble your master team of actors, actresses, athletes and musicians for the ultimate film of the 2015/2016 Oscar season. Each month, you will have the option of adding 2 people to your fantasy film cast. Once you select these 2 people, nobody else may pick them for their cast (but you can trade). On the first of each month, points will be awarded to your casts. If they release a "Certified Fresh" film, that's +20 points. If they release a "Certified Rotten" film, -20 points. On the first of each month, I will view their top news stories on Google. If their most recent story is a positive one (i.e. hot new single, smoking red carpet appearance, charity work) they receive +5 points. If their recent story is negative (i.e. Twitter beef, drunken tirade, bad breakup), -5 points. Make sense? No? Here's an example: This is the most recent google news article on Leonardo DiCaprio- "Turns out Leonardo DiCaprio does NOT have fleas living in his beard...Leonardo DiCaprio fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Reports that the star has fleas living in his beard have been proven to be false." This story is positive. +5 points. Once the Oscars are completed, we will decide the winner. Having an Oscar win for your pick will result in TBD crazy points, but we will cross that bridge when it gets a little closer. Anyone can select cast members at any time even if you missed previous months, but only for the month we're in, so if you want an extra boost of 2 cast members you have 9 days left to make August picks! Send me your questions and post your choices below. You can even give a brief synopsis of your film if you'd like, and what type of role you're going to give to your selections. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION
  5. There should be a fantasy film league where you assemble the ultimate cast and points are given based on their public actions and the RT score of the latest films they release...anyone?
  6. randocalrissian

    Howl App and Howl.fm Opinions?

    Cool, thanks! I don't really like this app because I've used the WTF app for years now with no problems. Now they're forcing me to switch to Howl, which my iPhone 4 isn't capable of running! Because of Howl, I lose Marc. It's a real shame that all these apps keep doing little switches to the programming to eliminate old users who may not be able to afford the latest iPhone...which I don't get, because it should be pretty simple. Search audio-play audio. What's so advanced about that that requires a better iPhone? The Podcast app-perfect. WTF app-perfect. Howl-inaccessible.
  7. randocalrissian

    Howl App and Howl.fm Opinions?

    Wait isn't WTF like 5.99 for 6 months or something? That price point transfers over? How do I do it? I've been subscribed to WTFPod for awhile, was curious how that would work since it's a cheaper subscription.