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  1. Does anyone else feel like the oral history stuff is starting to take over? Like, they're choosing which movies to do based more on who they can get to talk about them than how crazy or bad they are?


    I literally don't want to listen to How Did This Get Made to hear how these movies got made!


    Sorry if it feels that way, but I can assure you that I've never so much as suggested a movie to Paul and the gang. Nor would I want to. The fun for me is being handed a challenge and then scrambling to get some information (ideally in a narrative-leaning form) that the listeners will enjoy.


    It was my love for the show that led to writing the series. And I, like you, have no interest in fiddling with the method to HDTGM's beautiful madness. I consider it an honor to write these pieces and--whenever Paul lets me know what movie has been selected--my only objective is to try and come up with something HDTGM-worthy...



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  2. One (strange) thing that's not included in the oral history:


    Blake: How did you decide on the look of the Happy Toyz Truck? At what point was Marvel contacted about the design? Or were you guys approached?


    Martha: It wasn’t at all. In fact, Giorgio Postiglione, who was the production designer, he just designed it. And, you know, Stephen also—obviously his input with how it should look like and the happy face—this demonic happy face. I don’t think it was a Marvel comic, was it? Did we rip that off?

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  3. The asshole who made this fucking movie (Jonathan R. Betuel) is the same guy who wrote and owns the rights to The Last Starfighter. Everyone in Hollywood, for one reason or another, wants to do a remake of The Last Starfighter, but Betuel refuses to let anyone make it. Seth Rogen and Stephen Spielberg have both tried to get the rights to remake it, and Betuel has denied them both.




    This fucking asshole, after submitting the world to THIS movie, he owes it to everyone to let Spielberg and Rogen remake his crappy movie. Leave it to the creator of Theodore Rex to have any sort of shred or artistic integrity. [/font][/color]


    I can understand your frustration, but I found him to be a very kind and intriguing guy. Just my two cents :)