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  1. Texas Kevin

    Best of Music Episode

    In the Dan Deacon episode there is the crazy bacon brothers thing that starts around 35 min I vote 225 - natural pearl/toddlers 209 - dishwasher gloves/michael caine 192 - snow falls in june 178 - making it up/69 boys The dan deacon bacon brothers thing
  2. Texas Kevin

    EPISODE 200 — 200th Episode!

    This was a great episode, congratulations on the 200. I'm super late to the podcast game because I'm the kind of guy that still buys CDs but I'm so glad this exists and I finally found it. the UCB show changed my life as a teenager and I'm listening to every episode of this now, almost done with the 60s, but 200 was also so very good. I hope I didn't miss the boat completely because it sounds a little like the show might not be happening soon?!? Say it isn't so, there's nothing like this on TV or the radio, anywhere. Last week's episode was also incredible. Don't let Star Wars win