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  1. dandydaly

    Episode 447 - These Are the Worst

    I don't really have an opinion either way on Berlantgate, but I love people getting this bent out of shape over something that matters this little.
  2. dandydaly

    Episode 447 - These Are the Worst

    I logged into this account for the first time in a while to tell you to calm down.
  3. I wonder if Joe Rogan will guest-host the next episode.
  4. "I don't like satires, give me some happy-tires...lay on those jokes" is one of my favorite quotes from this podcast ever.
  5. dandydaly

    EPISODE 388 — Breath Before Death

    The idea of a spider so poisonous it has an extra leg just for poison is actually kind of terrifying.
  6. From now on this Never Not Funny: The Clean Hands Pardo Podcast.
  7. I'm listening to the backlog and my dad had his coworker over and my door was open and I listen to my podcasts on a speaker on a somewhat high volume So he definitely heard Rob Corddry say "I hate black people" and the scene-setting where he's beating up his wife So I guess you can say I'm promoting this podcast pretty well
  8. "Give me a blowjob you toothless--" nearly made me swerve off the road driving.
  9. dandydaly

    Apollo 18

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1772240/ Unfortunately not the They Might Be Giants album of the same name. A found footage movie with an already stupid premise, but the amount of plotholes they manage to create is still borderline insane. The acting is awful, and the actual creatures look as ridiculous as puppets you would see in old 50s sci-fi movies. I know this is just a movie recommendation, but I think based on the premise, Matt Mira would be a great guest to have on for it.
  10. dandydaly

    EPISODE 386 — Titbit for Tatbit

    Loving this episode of Wouldn't That Be Interesting
  11. dandydaly

    EPISODE 213 — Dramatic Tornado

    I can't believe Cat Nuts was never an actual MTV show at any point.
  12. The Pauls need to do more things together. They work off each other so well. Those are probably my favorite Earwolf ads that aren't from Hollywood Handbook. The fact that PFT just doesn't care and shoehorns it in to a ridiculous bit reminds me of stuff Conan used to do.
  13. dandydaly

    Recommended starting point for newbie to HH

    Just started listening to HH myself (I haven't listened to any podcast's entire backlog before, even Harmontown's) and I've gone through the first 10. I like them all, but the strongest is definitely the Ellie Kemper episode, so I guess that's the best arbitrary starting point if you don't want to start from the very beginning.
  14. dandydaly

    EPISODE 728 - Whose Racist Here?

    Whose Racist Is It Anyway?
  15. Jimmy at the golf tournament is my favorite NNF recurring joke in a while.
  16. dandydaly

    EPISODE 384 — Numbers Cannot Lie

    Crash.It's about a man who joins an underground sex cult who get aroused by car crashes. I've watched most of Cronenberg's stuff but this one is 1000x more deranged than just about anything he's done.
  17. dandydaly

    EPISODE 384 — Numbers Cannot Lie

    I found it hilarious because there's a David Cronenberg movie where that is a thing that happens and I was thinking about it the whole time. James Spader shoving his penis into a bullet wound has made me desensitized to anything I should be sensitive to.
  18. dandydaly

    All Comedy Is White Privilege

    I didn't think comedy anti-matter existed but here we are.
  19. Look at my damn pumpkin!!!!!
  20. So remember that joke Jon Daly made about Chris Hardwick being cursed to host too many shows for eternity? Well...
  21. Garfield, crazy enough, was also brought up on today's Spontaneanation. So many intertwined callbacks! We got ourselves a classic ol' Arrested Development up in here!
  22. dandydaly

    Favorite quotes from Earwolf shows!

  23. dandydaly

    Change.org: Get James Adomian on SNL

    Adomian auditioned the same year Bill Hader and Andy Samberg did. I'm not sure if he would consider attempting to join again, I know Taran Killam did and he got the job the second time around.
  24. Please learn some basic formatting. "People like jack Obrien make a hate monger like Trump look more and more appealing. Your both narcissistic morons out of touch with reality, so I might as well back the one offering me more privilage." -You taking the side of someone who wants to deport immigrants on racist, xenophobic reasons over someone that reminds you white supremacy exists. And he didn't say people AREN'T white, he said the concept of being white is faulty. You are white if that is your skin color, but there is no white culture/heritage. It seems like YOU didn't listen to this podcast. Except they have actual proof and evidence that's justifiable. Conspiracy nuts are the ones that claim Obama is a Muslim or from Kenya because some jackass told them so. genocide noun: the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation. Maybe you should learn what words actually mean. They don't say it's sexist or racist outright, they pine for more diversity. And this is an issue that doesn't just apply to Cracked. Maybe YOU should keep up. Refer to what I said and "keep up." And the only person who's logic is racist is your. Jack never said "it's an exclusively white guy fantasy." He said "it's a white guy fantasy." You rely on patronizing dialogue and misuse of words to get your point across. Plus you defended an actual white supremacist. Maybe you shouldn't quote posts that you don't comprehend.