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  1. Having a black father is a lot more direct than a black great-great-great-grandfather, so yeah she can call herself black. If someone discussing the evils of white supremacy makes you want to support a white supremacist, you might be one yourself. Well the lead singer for Ace of Base was/is a Neo-Nazi, so with that in mind it's pretty easy to see Nazi symbolism. Same way you can take a lot of Cosby show jokes the wrong way (which they discussed on the podcast not too long ago. Um, you literally just endorsed genocide. A lack of diversity is not racism (it's still a problem.) But nice job proving you're a racist with that last sentence. Keanu Reeves is white. He was born in Lebanon but his parents are Canadian. There are still way more white-guy revenge movies than any POC or female revenge movies.
  2. dandydaly

    Favorite quotes from Earwolf shows!

    I think the all time winners are now "Hey Nong Man" and "Talk n' Tang" by Jason Mantzoukas on CBB #356. I've been saying them in real life all the time.