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  1. This episode concocted a fun image in my mind of Paul F. Tompkins huddled in a corner at ABIA; sport coat pulled over his head, face smeared with Salt Lick BBQ sauce, as he angrily recites his ad copy into a pocket recorder.
  2. cbjones

    EPISODE 376 — Romantic Tommy D

    Maybe this is something widely known throughout the CBB community (I'm too ashamed of myself to Google it)... but who is Scott's ex-girlfriend? Throughout the history of the show, there have been a few references about his ex. I think someone (Amy Poehler?) said that she was a Playboy model?
  3. cbjones

    EPISODE 377 — Good Night In The Morning

    I wonder if that was a response to this: http://forum.earwolf.com/topic/25598-re-2012-live-episode/
  4. Some motherfuckers are always trying to iceskate uphill. Conversely, some motherfuckers are always trying to iceskate downhill, to equally dismal results. Personally, I believe it would be most beneficial for motherfuckers to skate on a flat, even surface.
  5. cbjones

    Most Awkward Podcast episodes

    I usually listen to the sillier podcasts like CBB so most of the "awkward" stuff is pretty soft, usually a guest not in the mood for farce.There was a CBB episode with Andy Dick and Janeane Garofalo that I actually had to turn off early on... at one point Andy starts to talk in detail about his latest fuck-up with the law and Janeane starts pleading for him to stop. Maybe things got better later on, but I couldn't follow-through after that. Speaking of Scott, his brief backstage "interview" with the Phish bassist in Analyze Phish was a bit cringeworthy. Pretty much any of the live shows run the risk of an awkward encounter with an obnoxious crowd member... the Demolition Man episode of HDTGM was plagued by a woman constantly yelling things to the point that Jason, of all people, had to tell her to chill out. I know these are pretty tame examples when placed against the exploits of Maron and co, but when they happen on a show that otherwise runs without conflict, I find it difficult to go back to focus on the actual material afterward.
  6. https://soundcloud.com/cranberryjones/i-wanna-make-plug-2-u-all-night-long