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    Unrelated but I just watched "Joe"... wtf. What a depressing sad look at a poor community with all the trimmings to make you want to wash your hands and face after seeing it. I couldn't help laugh at certain scenes when Nic Cage is driving a truck, asking for hot sauce, or getting a painful Bj in a whorehouse while his dog kills another dog in the kitchen. They movie is great and makes me thankful that I don't live with a smoker. There is a lot of cigarettes in the movie, I usually like smoking in movies but this hits too close to home. PS. Check out this cool article I found about Nic Cages stolen Action Comics #1. Wtf. He also named his kid after superman's kryptonian birth name. http://abcnews.go.com/Business/nicolas-cages-stolen-comic-book-found-11-years/story?id=13356779