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  1. i mean would they do a stereotypical indian accent in front of him, saying India was calling. Hell no.

    I feel like Pakistani-American comedian Kumail Nanjiani would be more annoyed at being mistaken for Indian. Middleditch was a blast on this episode and it sounded like Nanjiani was loving it too. Grep of the year yet.

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  2. I am confident that, rather than relying upon decades of performing experience to tell them how to read an audience, and rather than continuing to book a guest who is both a professional comedian and their friend, Paul and Jason will heed the advice of a tiny contingent of anonymous Internet users whose first interaction with them is to badmouth said friend.


    According to Soundcloud, 187,000 people have listened to this episode so far. Amongst all social media, maybe 100 people have complained to them about Cameron. You are statistically insignificant.


    Hey everyone it got a lot of plays so it must be great, and every chart topper must be worth your time, and everyone with a shitload of money must be a great human being! Having even a hundred people take any time to connect or comment on anyone's bullshit online, let alone be fans of said bullshit, is a gift.


    You're who exactly? You're not Paul, June, or Zouks. You're just Dan Engler, a random administrator on the forums where Earwolf audiences discuss the shows on the network. You don't have any speak on their behalf and you don't get to stipulate the value that any fan's opinion, whether you agree with it or not, has. Again, you are not the host of this program and these are not YOUR fans. You're just as insignificent in this equation.


    187,000 people may have listened to it but that doesn't mean they necessarily all loved it, hated it, or were neutral to it. This thread and the other online places where these shows are discussed are proof to those differing and divisive thoughts. 187,000 people won't all reveal their thoughts either. The ones who did are significent. Being vocal is better than being silent.

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  3. The third comment in this thread, and the one that began this entire shitshow, attacked Cameron's "hot shehorned message comedy garbage that appeals to Buzzfeed demographics" and "far fetched monologues on a VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE". What exactly do you think these phrases refer to?


    No, the bullshit false equivalency of people not supporting this entertainer probably being Trump supporting haters of social justice spin as a result of gendering the reasons people could possibly find her persona irritating is entirely on you. She literally did videos for Buzzfeed that showcase her irritating traits as a performer for the shitty people who surrender to shitty websites like Buzzfeed.


    Her stand-up monologues have an afterschool special quality to them, like this one about gun issues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4QDVfqCACU


    There is no merit in the commentary she offers. Stand-ups like Cameron exist to administer their audiences complimentary pats on the back for feeling exactly the way they do about certain issues and not challenging them even a little It is a reductive circlejerk that is devoid of ideas or anything noteworthy. She is a Degrassi: The Next Generation episode on school bullying.


    I'm probably further to the left than her on social justice and economics. I took tear gas to the face for social justice and I am a feminist like most Earwolf listeners probably are. Why you want to go and bring up her sexuality and gendering the reasons anyone could dislike her is so you can reduce the dissenters as being prejudicial in nature. I wouldn't be surprised if Godwin's law comes into play at some point with the implications being set forth by the defenders like you who can't believe somebody dislikes a terrible entertainer as devoid of comedic talent as Cameron.

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    I'm not defending anybody, I'm giving you the argument you came here for because you felt the need to announce to the world that your brain is incapable of making the neural connections needed to enjoy this episode.

    Yeah ok. Probably unlike some MFA aspiring vapid Twitter stooge like you my life is a shitty job funding a shitty life with a minimum of shows like Comedy Bang Bang to make them feel less bumfuck shitty. and pointless. If I made a bulletpoints of reasons to continue living then CBB would be on there. My connection with the podcast is there. I can announce any opinion I fucking want to the world as long as it isn't harmful or prejudiced imo. That's what social media is there for. I'm guessing that's why this forum is here. You're just an ass when you see dissenting ones.



    Your argument amounts to: "Cameron is bad because she doesn't do comedy the way I want her to".


    Every critic is basically saying that a thing is or isn't doing things how she would like it seen according to her perspective. You just described criticism in general, not something in particular that was wrong with my comment. Not liking the garbage you like makes someone a troll.

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  6. Go back to tweeting about gamer gate or whatever inane thing you fill your time with.


    Not liking Cam makes you a misogynistic Gater now? That's a pretty uncalled for and grossly loaded implication to make for not liking a shitty comedian. I like Rhea but Cameron is just terrible and her presence on CBB fucking sucks like a wart in the middle of what is a good podcast lineup.

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  7. Ugh, Cameron is one of the hackiest comics around. Her routines are hot shehorned message comedy garbage that appeals to Buzzfeed demographics.Every time she tries to convey a message through one of her far fetched monologues on a VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE it induces pure cringe because, unlike an Aziz Anssari, she fucking bombs at nuance or doing justice to any of her issues. Her delivery is clumsy too/. Stop trying to make her a thing, Scott.

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