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    EPISODE 117 - Theodore Rex: LIVE!

    Also, Sebastian and his father run "The Mystery Meat Stand". What meat are they selling? The main animals we see in this movie are: Humans (including clones) Dinosaurs Dogs Any other animals are part of Caine's compound, so would not be publicly available. At the start of the movie, Coltraine finds a dog. She tells Sebastian to take it up to her room. We never see the dog again. I'll let you do the math.
  2. MissMe

    EPISODE 117 - Theodore Rex: LIVE!

    There is so much of the Toy Marker scene that needs to be explored. When the exploding butterfly murder weapon is reconstructed, the investigator immediately ID's the creator as the Toy Maker who runs Dragon Tail Dead Storage company as a cover for his arms business which is located in the Ninja Grid. (side note, Dragon Tail is yet another dinosaur tail joke) Why is the Toy Maker still at large? The police know he makes these weapons and know exactly where to find him. Why is he not in jail? How many people and/or dinosaurs have been killed by this man's exploding insects? Those deaths could have been prevented with the Toy Makers capture. Then there is the question of the dead storage company itself. What is this business? You see bodies hanging in capsules; is this what people do with their dead in the future? Why not bury them? At the end of the movie, you see an award ceremony in a park, so we know there is available land. What is being done with these bodies? The most disturbing part of this scene is Teddy's and Coltraine's brutal torture and murder of the Toy Maker. First they have him handcuffed to a pole, where Teddy blows bad breathe into his face. When this is ineffective, Coltraine punches him in the face, likely giving him a concussion. They move on to Teddy sitting on the Toy Maker, crushing the Toy Makers body, while simultaneously farting on him. The weight of a dinosaur would cause massive amounts of internal bleeding. The movie then cuts to Toy Maker hung upside down. Teddy threatens to eat the Toy Maker and lunges at him. The Toy Maker finally breaks and tells them all the info they need to solve the case. As they leave, Teddy's tail accidentally wacks the Toy Maker in the head. The Toy maker stops moving. My boyfriend and I disagree on what happened to the Toy Maker. I think Teddy snapped The Toy Makers neck and he's dead. My boyfriend thinks Teddy just knocked him unconscious. But since Teddy and Coltraine left the Toymaker tied up, upside down, with major head trauma, and internal bleeding, he's still going to die. Teddy and Coltraine have the following exchange: Teddy: Oops. Coltraine: Ah, so what? Come on. Teddy: Ok. This is how the heroes of a children's movie respond to torturing a man and leaving him for dead.