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  1. There's a lot of fish in the sea, and I've kissed a ton of girls.
  2. So many fish in the sea, and they all smell like pussy.
  3. So many fish in the sea, and they all smell like shit.
  4. Crop tops make me pee sweat.
  5. I'm living large on a river barge, where I'm in charge of a dude named Marge.
  6. Snowboards are just skateboards with small tits.
  7. Walnuts are just almonds with cancer.
  8. Oboes are just arrogant bassoons.
  9. I have 99 problems, and a caring lover who respects me ain't one!
  10. I larked in the park 'til half past dark, then I pranced at the dance in my dancy pants. Oh, twer I had time to slime my virile prime atop this stately vagine!
  11. In the throws of ecstatic passion, I accidentally slipped out of one hole and into another. Needless to say, my bowling game was off that night.
  12. gentleNICEman

    Kissing is very chill.

    Kissing is very chill.
  13. Find me in the shower, find me in the shed. I'm resting here in power, I'm wishing I were dead.
  14. Man this economy's really tanked. I'm just glad I have plans tonight.
  15. Buttery Tuttery the principled Duddery is beffudery with Genitalddery Wartutteries.