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  1. Government spies have pervasive eyes but are not asking why I scream, "Jihad!" when I cry.
  2. A frilly ping pong popped me on my ding dong and now my silly ding dong can sing a lovely sing song.
  3. It's getting hot in here. So plug up all your holes. I am getting so hot, I'm gonna plug my holes up.
  4. My hands are crampy. Good thing my living is made by my dry yet, paradoxically, moist-sounding voice.
  5. Dear Investors, I'm pleased to inform you that everything is in place to begin experimentation. I regret to inform you, however, that I may have over-estimated how many people want to fuck cats. Blessings, signed: Dr Moreau
  6. Holy Moly, brown Cannoli! Oh wait, that's a turd. Why is there a turd on my plate?
  7. Methinks I doth ingest too much Codine.
  8. Dear Journal, No one on my island will have sex with my cats. Sigh. Love, Dr. Moreau
  9. Good hits. Great codine.
  10. If I were to guess how many friends I have, I'd look at the night sky to help me count. Either because it has millions of stars or because it's a black void. I just don't know at this juncture.
  11. Being Rich is my second favorite thing about myself, just after How Much I'm into Kids
  12. Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang. If you can figure out whether God is a woman or man, we'll pay for it.
  13. If you can't reproduce with cats, than get the hell off my island! Love, Dr. Moreau
  14. Dinosaurs are dead, but Jesus is alive in my heart and he rode a dinosaur into Jerusalem for Passover weekend. So... ya know.
  15. "Wango Dango... Use it in a sentence please." / "Ahem. 'Get the fuck off my face, Tiffany, I'm drownin' here.'"