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  1. If you're wondering what / just fell out of my butt / It's none of your business / That is unless you like Guinness
  2. You can take the beans of out burrito, but you can't take the burrito out of the foil when its still hot.
  3. When I poop my pants, it's like angels came down by way of a huge messy mudslide with a lot of partially digested food in there too.
  4. LARDdischarge

    Loose lips flick clits.

    Loose lips flick clits.
  5. I'm on the case and off the pill.
  6. I directed a question to my digestion; my gut said "what" and then fell out my butt.
  7. Jamaica Me Crazy, the fun-filled resort for white people
  8. I dread buttered bread and I detest bitter zest, and so I'm left utterly bereft on any food to feed my brood.
  9. Pack the crack in stacks please; space is limited.
  10. If you can't beat the heat, thaw your meat and freeze your sheets.
  11. It's hard out there for a Bard with lardy discharge
  12. There's bound to be casualties when you're cracking your nuts after five mugs of eggnog.
  13. I'm too timid to tinkle in public, but pretty good at in my bathroom.
  14. Tis the season to think of a reason to get through the days in less painful ways.
  15. Honey is money for jingle jangle junky.