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    Man Trouble (1992)

    I have gone through all 75 pages of this board, and I'm surprised no-one has suggested this one. Well, maybe because practically nobody knows about this one? I mean, I know "how this got made". Nicholson worked with director Bob Rafelson before ("Five Easy Pieces"), and his sense of loyalty told him he couldn't just say "no". And once Jack was on board, and Ellen Barkin, the studio felt confident enough to cough up the cash to make this film. But seriously, watch it. That is, if you get past the opening credits. It's saddening.
  2. RobertMichel

    King Kong Lives (1986)

    A female giant gorilla found by accident. Open heart surgery using construction tools. Self-destroying vehicles inside a barn. And the power of monkey boner, strong enough to wake Kong from a coma. And that's just the first half hour! The good news is, you can watch this movie for free on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opyUm8hKIj0 The bad news is, it's a total piece of shit.
  3. RobertMichel

    The Master of Disguise (2002)

    Turrrrrtle !
  4. RobertMichel

    The Avengers (1998)

    As Jason would say : "On! Fuckin'! Board!"
  5. RobertMichel

    Garden State

    Mister Harry S. Plinkett described it as follows : "If cancer were pretentious, it would be Garden State." Nuff said.
  6. RobertMichel

    Volcano (1997)

    YES !