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  1. daddyjunior

    Punk Plugs

    Plug bump; ain’t got new tent but I want to hear Scottt say “DADDYJUNIOR” again.
  2. daddyjunior

    Punk Plugs

    https://soundcloud.c...nior/punk-plugs Punk-y plugg-ies for all my creep-ies
  3. daddyjunior

    My Road to 20 Podcast Episodes

    Gonna give the blog a read and the cast a listen. Starting a pod soon myself and trying to learn as much as possible before diving in. Thanks for sharing your insight!
  4. daddyjunior

    Pube Plugs

    Presenting! https://soundcloud.c...nior/pube-plugs Thanks for listening.
  5. Excuse me, waiter, but I've been waiting far too long for my fart oolong!
  6. daddyjunior

    Say Bong Ma'am

    First plugs submission, I want to know if this sucks or if it's dope as hell. Gimme some feedback! (edit: remixed to add vocal clarity) https://soundcloud.com/daddyjunior/say-bong-maam-shifty-bouncy-remixed
  7. daddyjunior

    Say Bong Ma'am

    Humpday bumpday. This is literally the best thing I've created in the past two years (I know).
  8. https://soundcloud.com/daddyjunior/gape-the-penis-colonic-songparody-of-escape It's not that kind of show.
  9. daddyjunior

    Rockin Plug Time

    Bumpin' this shit, great work! Also, Soundcloud says we live in the same hood. Hopefully one of us locals gets a live show Plugs theme when they come through!
  10. Bump for a Detroit Plugs theme. 2/3 of the guests ain't bad!
  11. A little sugar daddy from Wisconsin stopped by my studio to put some lines to wax... https://soundcloud.com/daddyjunior/scotties-sconnie-wub-dub-plugs
  12. daddyjunior

    Rub And Plug

    Holy fuck, this is my new favorite Plugs theme. So good. So short. So perfect!
  13. daddyjunior

    JUS WAN 2 C (UR PLUGS) by Era Kin

    Good stuff, hombre!
  14. daddyjunior

    Say Bong Ma'am

    Bump to make America great again!
  15. daddyjunior

    Plugs Benson Interruption

    Double bump for the Weird Al quote.
  16. daddyjunior

    Man! I Feel Like A Plugbag by ERA KIN

    God damn you, this is fucking great
  17. daddyjunior

    I Want It (Gimme) ((that pill))

    This is a great one, nice work!
  18. daddyjunior

    Plug Bag Delight

    Nice one, hombre
  19. Here's the new plug-a-roo-ski: https://soundcloud.com/daddyjunior/dwee-doop-doop-waah
  20. daddyjunior

    Plugs 4: Fuck's Sake

    orsonwellesclapping.gif Nice blubber!
  21. daddyjunior

    Everyone Knows It's Plug Time

    Trying to figure out that myself. Nice track! What DAW do you work in?
  22. daddyjunior

    Happy Birthday

    Take that, you old spinsters: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2015/09/22/442694777/happy-birthday-to-us-all-judge-rules-tune-is-public-domain?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=npr&utm_term=nprnews&utm_content=20150922
  23. daddyjunior

    Say Bong Ma'am

    This one is a nice, brief Plugs theme. If that's the kind of thing a host is into, you know.