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  1. JohnParsons

    Stand aka Stand (an ode to R.E.M.)

    Bumpin for that rockin' Mike Mills RUTREMRe:Me ep!
  2. JohnParsons

    I Love To Plug

    Bumpin again bc I know Scott loves Sondheim
  3. JohnParsons

    The Plug Compartment

  4. JohnParsons

    One Last Feature

    https://soundcloud.com/soundnoodle/one-last-feature Just a little something we call plugs!
  5. JohnParsons

    I Love To Plug

    Bump for frogs!
  6. JohnParsons

    Stand aka Stand (an ode to R.E.M.)

    In honor of the holiday ep of R U Talkin R.E.M. Re Me!
  7. JohnParsons

    I Love To Plug

    Talk, talk Plug, plug Work, work Babble, babble Merch, merch Plug, plug Bing, bong Travel, travel Netflix special, podcast Improv, sketch group Talk
  8. https://soundcloud.com/soundnoodle/plug-these-boots Hey! Smell these boots. Plug up these boots, yeah!
  9. JohnParsons

    Plug Bag Rag

    Thanks man! Yes, I did indeed, glad you liked it. And I appreciate the feedback, I know not all of us get the "would you rather" treatment when it comes to the length of intro songs.
  10. JohnParsons

    Plug Bag Rag

    Here's a jazzy tune about the plug bag and my doggie doug! https://soundcloud.c...ns/plug-bag-rag