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  1. Catrick Stewart, you're fucking up a lil bit here but you're clearly very funny so I do love you and accept you as one of us. Can I ask you a question? Who is your favorite stand-up comedian? I'd just like to get to know you better now that we're blood brothers.


    Heya Val thanks for reaching out hope you get this pm soon But yeah so so sorry about all of that I'll do a forum wide apology soon for deceiving everyone into believing I was an actual cat it's not a funny or nice bit also I'll likely pm Jeffparties since I sort of thought I was bieng funny by giving him a funny cat character for his book but I can see now that it just wasn't in good taste and I deserve the insuing mean posts.


    I'm pumped to hear that were blood brothers this is exciting!!!! and I love your popcorn gallery questions


    All joking aside( phew almost made that cbb joke) As far as stand ups go idk if I have a fave necessarily because I like so many including old school standup such as carlin but Dave Chappelle is a genius I think that's obvious and I love bill burr cause I'm a Bostonian...I tend to follow improvisers more though since I have been doing it for a couple years now so crossovers such as aziz and Matt Besser who do both appeal to me greatly hmmm I realy idolize Ben Schwartz and also Sean of course and used to see Ben perform with his improv team hot sauce and Sean with shitty jobs at the ucb theatre in nyc all the time. Oh....and I liked Dane cook a lot longer than most people did as I was oblivious to his supposed joke stealing lol I still kinda get a hoot out of him sometimes though.









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    That's Eddie Murphy. Sorry bro


    Hey joe umm just figured I'd send you a pm about that botched reference back there hope you get this message soon.

    I'm realy sorry man like I know your prob disappointed along with a slew of other forum members at my recent attempts to do a funny cat bit on the forums....and then I go and totally whiff on a great reference and joke opportunity . I just thought that one ep of aqua teen where Andrew wk sings party party party was actually party all the time by Eddie Murray I'm not usually that type of guy so You know I'm sorry about all this bringing the forums vibe down......I just...you know wanna be cool and i prob owe Jeffparties an apology as well for making light of his book and doin a joke uhhh


    ....let's try to keep this whole debacle from Steve H since he's our forum dad and also souprman cause he seems kinda mean

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  3. You're really committing to this style, huh.


    Well Andrew this stays between me and you that's why This is in your pm inbox and not on the forums but Idk man I mean I'm second guessing and want to backpedal on this bit so hard and are a lil scared honestly.... Like I was gonna write a whole stand up album as Catrick but now I realize like how the fuck am I supposed to BE cat when I go on tour...it's not a question of wether or not the jokes are clean funny and irreverent cause I got all that down I'm just concerned about bieng cat when I get to the point where I've got a CC half hour.


    Oh and dude I know that your bill Murray... I mean changing your name to Andrew was genius and it fooled...seemingly everyone on the forums including Hayes and Sean but not this guy. Keeping your real photo on here was a ballsy move as well but one that's paid off obviously I mean who else would have access to pictures of bill Murray other than bill Murray. Just saying


    So If you keep the secret that I'm not realy a cat I'll keep the secret that your realy bill Murray


    Pinky swear

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  4. Alright, so I'm having trouble writing chapter 4 of my action movie forum fanfiction. My problem is that there are too many of you. I'm going to kill off most of the characters in the next chapter. Confirmed survivors are going to be:


    Chanson and Joe McGurl because I see them as father figures and desperately am seeking their approval.

    SteveH because his rivalry with me has great story potential.

    Souprman because the death of his lover silvrwoman is going to add some pathos.

    Valerie Bryant because the I think girls should be priests.


    If you think you should also survive, tell me why. I have room for two other survivors, but need a good reason.



    Oook mr parties first of all Andrew wk must love you based on your last name which is obv parties....lets just say hee...haha well he loves to parties all the time....


    *clears hairball from throat* mmk well that was a whittle taste of one of my funny jokes that I can do but alas Jefferson lets get down to tax brass . I'm soooo pissed that these action movies theses days never have cats...I went to audition for John wink an felt I tested well. But they picked dog instead...I'm no racist I has a bunch of dog friends but they has all the roles and has all the cheeseburger smammiches....now magine myself in part where John wisk dog gets punched ONCE and dies ..that's riiight i know what your thinking I die but comes back using a 9 life an help John whip punch the main mean guys butt all the way off.


    You could use a cat fighter guy like myself and I could die buuuut jus come back am save you guys at the last minute when everyone thinks the main mean good guy mr parties is going to bite dust


    Maybe I burst through the window like cool swat guy and kick the main mean bad guy then deliver this lil line o gold


    Sorry but I'm just not FEELINING you .......yah know ...cause I'm cat


    *licks spilt warm milk off of keyboard*

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  5. I loved all the Howl jokes, but is anyone else a little concerned they may get in trouble?



    No need to worry Hayes and Sean are hollywoods premier bad boys , though the mean boss overlord content gate keepers at EW scripps won't be to happy to hear this discension in the ranks. They realy can't do much of anything besides sit there in thier high backed chairs stroking thier cats (like me) with thier gravely voices and metal hand


    Besides...silvr everyone in Hollywood is to scared to confront them after that one time Sean did the big punch to a cop giving him a nasty surprise...needless to say that cops got uppercut and his head flew off his body from the bigness of the punch


    And Sean was SEATED in his convertible silvrwoman I mean I shudder to think how big the punch could have been if he stood up


    *licks fur*

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  6. Andrew I'm trying to be as funny and popular on the forums as some vets from the rss and Hollywood handjob forums but it seems like all my bits don't get liked by these guys and Steve H was especially mean guy! Below are some of the famous forum guys im trying to impress



    Valarie Bryant


    Chanson (huge fan btw)


    Tim treese

    Spunky foonerism

    Anastasia Vigo

    Steve H

    Andrew(of course)

    Joe mcgurl

    Burger hoe (is he still a thing?)

    Michael bay of pigs


    The list could go on of awesome forum guys but I can't list them all , how do I get them to like me and think I'm a cool guy?!! And not just think of me as neemoys cat from that one Star Trek episode

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    I like this guy, and I'll tell you why - his screen name is a play on an actors name from Star Trek and his avatar is a picture of a completely different actor from a different Star Trek show. It's as if he saw that picture, and became enamored with it. Racking his brain for a clever username to go along with it. After 5 days of not coming up with Leonard NeMeow, he gave up.


    Now Steve I've seen you around the forums before and I sort of understand as a vet you kinda have to be a little mean to the new guys.a little tough love and whatnot so I hate to pump your breaks on that good and funny neemoy bit your doing. However it should be known that the cat in the picture hes holding IS Named Catrick Stewart


    See I figured I would do this funny bit of posting as this cat on the forums but idk now it. Seems like I've been busted


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  8. Way to preempt the inevitable clamour for cochran's bone mom as a guest with some great, valid reasons why she should not be on. Have some sense, people. Skellingtons are real.


    Thanks for spreading the word Taters.its obviously the best option for a guest and the one we all want to hear but that's just to risky...Sooo nice try guys but your dead meat I'm nipping this in the bud


    Also: Chanson....I'm fairly certain no one suggested chanson yet just putting it out there

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  9. it would be great If Cochrams bone mom was in studio,however there's two thing that are prob holding Sean and Hayes from having already done it


    1) too scary....where there's a skelington there's usually a frankingstine close by that's not a chance there willing to take. And neither should you...if you see a skelington geet outa there!


    2) the sound of Cochrans moms bones is xylophone when she moves ....not good for podcast recording