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  1. CaseyRafter

    Episode 45 — Sex Chickens

    Your middle name sucks
  2. CaseyRafter

    Episode 45 — Sex Chickens

    When JDR hears Rob Huebel's name and immediately responds with "Oh god" I cracked up.
  3. I think that stuff Natalie referred to about John Wayne is actually about Elvis. He died with a 40 pound colon. Could be a common thing among has-been male celebrities, I suppose.
  4. CaseyRafter

    Episode 191 — 2012 Holiday Spectacular

    What a fantastic Christmas treat in late spring 2017. Guy who is always years behind trying desperately to catch up here. This is my FAVORITE appearance of Bill Cosby Bukowski. Obviously, any appearance with PFT, Besser, and Wittels is guaranteed gold. Bonus for multiple Besser impersonations.
  5. CaseyRafter

    Episode 189 — The Pancake Man

    THIS is what makes me sad about Howl.fm removing ads
  6. CaseyRafter

    Episode 188 — Attack of the Shits

    Nobody else raised an eyebrow at the lack of the Casey Wilson plug bag theme?
  7. CaseyRafter

    Episode 42 — 12.5 Cups of Summah

    I love these things separately but apparently not mixed
  8. Catch friend of the show, Adam Scott (aka Scott) in the upcoming show Big Little Pies, Sundays at 9pm on HBO
  9. CaseyRafter

    Episode 35 — Let\'s Get Outta Here

    and I am in the dark about a video thing...I've got some googling to do
  10. CaseyRafter

    Episode 35 — Let\'s Get Outta Here

    My Howl.fm subscription lapsed for two weeks after my free trial was over. During that time, i realized I didn't have any WC eps downloaded. I'd previously been trying to listed from the beginning (it's my thing for earwolf stuff. Once I listen to a few with my fav guests and get hooked, I listen from the beginning. I know, innovative and original and totally important). I bought the year subscription and this is my first legitimate paid for podcast episode. Having these three in studio is a gift to all humans with the ability to hear.
  11. Maria: I will not be telling you who my boyfriend is...but he has a podcast on this network and we live together and he co-hosts a podcast where I play a sport that may or may not be women's basketball and he and a friend comment and he has a cat with her own hashtag and her name is margaux the fat guy and Paul, you and he may or may not be connected through multiple podcast collaborations and his name is not Matt. Probably.
  12. CaseyRafter

    Episode 27 - Halloween w/ P.J. Soles

    Jackie Lee Curtis? lol
  13. CaseyRafter

    If Sean and Hayes ran a film festival...

    Second time I've seen it spelled this way and I think it's because of how the guys pronounce it (improperly). Whazzup wit dat?
  14. CaseyRafter

    Episode 3 — Donald Glover, Our Close Friend

    This is the first and only episode I've heard of this podcast to date. Are they pronouncing "Johansson" improperly on purpose?
  15. CaseyRafter

    Never Not Funny YouTube Videos

    Thanks, Cornballs! DAMMIT! BURNED MYSELF AGAIN
  16. Holy shit. This is the first time hearing this. I'm nearing the end (or do it seems) of all the sub-pods. I LOVE THESE GUYS
  17. I did what (other) scott said and put squarespace in my butt. I may have broken squarespace...and my butt
  18. I. Was. SHOCKED! And even moreso when the JayVees didn't respond appropriately.
  19. I believe I also heard the kit kat theme AND the opening flourishes of the Star Spangled Banner under the intro. I love this game
  20. CaseyRafter

    Episode 169 — Immortal Mustache

    Weird how we've been talking about trump so often for basically forever. I didn't really think I'd heard his name as often as guess I had growing up, though I knew who he was. Jays Popeye question killed me. The whole damn episode was amazing. Paul losing it at Scott's story made my heart melt. He laughs so well and for so long. This is one of those moments a person remembers for the rest of their lives even when it's not recorded on a podcast. BUT IT WAS! When Scott and PFT are in a room, its magic. Every time
  21. This clip makes Better Call Saul so much better
  22. My wife walking in the room during the intro (which may or may not have lasted over half the podcast): [shaking her head] "JESUS CHRIST!" [Walks out, half laughing]. Mission accomplished, gentlemen.
  23. CaseyRafter

    Episode 19 - Friday The 13th w/ Derek Mears

    "I know how much you love your cat, man." lol