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  1. Holy shit, when the audience member brought up that the knife was the same prop from Golden Child and this...I lost it. I saw this movie with my grandparents in the mid 90s when it came on network television. It's the singular thing in popular culture (aside from The Big Spin) that either of them ever expressed interest of knowledge in. Being that I was probably 11 years old, it intrigued me that it took me that long to find something from the fictional world that they seemed interested in. NO OTHER FILM OR TV SHOW SINCE has sparked their interest (again, if it's still on, they probably still watch the big spin, they watch the news, and anything in PBS).
  2. "They're calling again"? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN, FRASIER!? In the Cheers/Frasier universe, are tossed salads and scrambled eggs able to use a telephone??
  3. CaseyRafter

    Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991)

  4. CaseyRafter

    Episode 123 — No Scoop for You

    "I don't like coffee but I LOVE its accoutrements"
  5. You guys will never guess the kind of luck I had this week. See, I found this stack of iPods...
  6. CaseyRafter

    Episode 5 — Family Friendly

    HOLY CRAP, Jason is energetic in this episode. All OVER the mic. Funny, sure, but be ready for a jolt
  7. CaseyRafter

    EPISODE 126 - The Star Wars Holiday Special

    I know I know...third post but you guys, I love you
  8. CaseyRafter

    EPISODE 126 - The Star Wars Holiday Special

    I will sell my entire family for this
  9. CaseyRafter

    EPISODE 126 - The Star Wars Holiday Special

    Gourley is the best. "I think you guys are giving it too much Thought. I think it was seriously 'we have this cartoon to market this action figure. Find a way to fit it in and just know that I'm not going to check up on this so do whatever you want. My name is George Lucas'" I do this exact thing to my wife all the time: "I like to throw a huge fit when my husband wants me to bring up the trash cans from the curb. i'm the worst. My name is Mrs. Rafterian."
  10. This happened a couple of times on CBB and it always gave me the heebie. jeebies.
  11. Dry ramen was banned at my middle school in the mid-90s because a)they were so prevalent AND people were just mashing them up and confetting the school yard with dried puffed noodles and their accompanying shrimp-flavored salty seasoning The Prince appearance caused pandemonium within me. So hilarious.
  12. CaseyRafter

    EPISODE 124 - Hackers

    Doesn't matter how many times this has been mentioned and re-mentioned here. Second time hearing the episode and every time I think about "what's its mission", I lose my everloving shit. SHIRTS SHIRTS SHIRTS!
  13. CaseyRafter

    EPISODE 118.5 - MINISODE 118.5

    WHERE ARE YOU LOOKING, KING!? Also, "Hey, you wanna come upstairs and see a dead dolphin" is indeed a good opening line. I get laid using that one all the time
  14. CaseyRafter

    Nine Lives (2016)

    God, I wish it'd been delayed forever. I hadn't heard of it until last week and can't understand hdtgm. In that way, i suppose it fits the show. But...just no. No
  15. CaseyRafter

    EPISODE 106.5 — Minisode 106.5

    I know I couldn't do a better job, but I hope there's an eventual rotation in the C&O theme. I'm still catching up on old episodes
  16. CaseyRafter

    Episode 121 — Bro-ing Out

    Best what am I thinking game ever played. I just relistened not realizing this was the episode with that epic game play. Loved every minute. Also, Pardo for the win
  17. So true. When they came to Oakland, i could tell they were all half spent but still had a great time.
  18. I absolutely love the timbre of Gourley's voice on this podcast. I feel like it takes on so much more of a relaxing, NPR-like soothing tone when he only shares the show with one other voice. Great job and keep em coming. Sincerely, guy who is always anywhere between 6 months and 10 years behind on podcasts
  19. something Kumail and Doug spoke about 2 and a half years prior on ep #13 of Dining with D&K. I just heard that episode and got a jolt of delight. There used to be a clip of this gag on youtube but I have yet to find it today.
  20. Is anyone else equally entertained by the ad schtick as they are by the stuff that goes on during the show? When Matt hypnotizes Jimmy and Jimmy reverts to "mamma" talk, I laughed SO HARD. I can't wait to hear the rest of this episode. Scott & Jimmy are so great together