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  1. CaseyRafter

    Episode 1822 - David Wild

    Settling into the new dynamic. Adam feels like a good fit so far. Matt and Jimmy talking about vaping and Matt's feigned (maybe) ignorance of what it is cracked me up.
  2. CaseyRafter

    Episode 1814 - Dave Holmes

    This is THE excuse. None others count
  3. I've slowly been making my way through the feed from the beginning. Hoping the sound engineering went a little more smoothly at EW. I'm on episode 26 with Swardson and when that end theme comes on my ears ran away
  4. CaseyRafter

    Episode 1814 - Dave Holmes

    How are there not more comments from longtime NNF listeners on this!? Travesty
  5. CaseyRafter

    Episode 60 — Street Fighter

    IS there anything funnier than Jason's laughter when June is trying to come to grips with the definition of "Street Fighter"?
  6. CaseyRafter

    Episode 52.5 — Minisode 52.5

    'I broke a filling eating cornnuts. Should I go to the dentist or just wait and see?' "What? If your tooth will grow back? It won't. Dude...that's what you get for eating cornnuts. That's God's way of saying you're too stupid to realize that that's not a food to out in your mouth. Your tooth will not grow back." Harsh burn on cornnuts by Paul Scheer. Ha!
  7. CaseyRafter

    Episode 43.5 — Minisode 43.5

    For GOD'S SAKE, Paul. It's "Mah-Ree-oh" NOT "Mare-ee-oh"
  8. CaseyRafter

    Episode 43.5 — Minisode 43.5

    Holy crap. That is just pure shite
  9. CaseyRafter

    Episode 109 — The Andy Samberg Special

    I see what you did there One of the best eps
  10. NOPE. I don't think he knows who Woody Allen is anymore. That's why he's not in his own movies. "eh....maybe you're Woody Allen, Owen Wilson. No? Maybe it's you Scarlet Johansen. No, not you either? Where's Cate Blanchette? Is she Woody Allen?"
  11. But...they're girls, bro. What the fuck would they talk about? Coozes, nails, and shopping?
  12. Holy crap. I had no idea about the Phil Hatman album covers. Amazing! http://www.fastcodesign.com/3044107/8-album-covers-designed-by-legendary-comedian-phil-hartman
  13. When Scott said "I don't care, he's dead!" in response to Adam's question on Harris' book being reference on Jeopardy, my heart sank, then I checked the date and felt better, then worse, then better, then I watched 3 DSOWD videos on youtube and felt sad but ok.
  14. Between that and his ability to quiet a room upon demand (i/e: "Everybody shuttup!"), the guy has quite the command with his voice and power.
  15. Mathey: Does the permission have to be in written form?I was about to make a list of my least favorite hueues of color, sorted by hex #. Dried Vomit just so happens to be my least favorite color, but I didn't want to step out of line...
  16. CaseyRafter

    Episode 40 — Judge Dredd

    False. Jason's tags about Dredd's cock-demands win
  17. CaseyRafter

    Episode 107 — Maybe It's Maybelline

    I got caught in the paradox of eye-rolling and blurt laughing
  18. CaseyRafter

    Episode 107 — Maybe It's Maybelline

    It's 2016 and I STILL don't have my Real Time with Bruno Mars!!
  19. CaseyRafter

    Episode 19 — The Wicker Man

    I'll make you feel better: I saw From Justin to Kelly AND Dumb and Dumberer in theatres...on the same day
  20. So much to respond to. Your avatar entertains and perplexes me. Your handle is great (Loved the film 24HPP). I told a joke, you gave what I'm interpreting as a snarky response (boo), and yeah...I probably have read it at least twice as a young lad but if I hadn't...who cares?! Alright...I'll admit it...I CAN'T READ!
  21. CaseyRafter

    Episode 127 - Kazaam: LIVE!

    This episode belongs on all HDTGM "best of" lists. When Jason announced Larry Byrd as the replacement Kazaa, I laughed until my face nearly exploded. The way that bit built made my life worth living for having heard it.
  22. That ending. So, basically this is a remake of The Last Temptation of Christ?
  23. Thank god the theme finally got lyrics
  24. CaseyRafter

    Episode 69 — I Am Not Food

    I agree. No one should comment on this to keep up the funny....aw dammit
  25. A safely started position that I wholeheartedly agree with