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  1. CaseyRafter

    Episode 16 — The Smurfs

    I came here to see how quickly someone mentioned this (knowing there would be no way I'd be the first to do so 5+ years later)
  2. CaseyRafter

    Episode 88 — Mr. Nanny: LIVE!

    Between this And this ...ugh. I love you guys.
  3. So many times I look back through these boards and go to click like but realize I'd already clicked like months ago. Example: this post
  4. CaseyRafter

    Episode 96 — Live from SXSW!

    How could Scott miss "Jimmy Pardo" or "Jimmy Dore" or "Jimmy Dean"!?
  5. Agreed. I haven't sat and taken them in but my wife has them on occasionally around the house and it seems like a fun time. P.S. I love that you liked your own comment. i do the same thing too much.
  6. Are we all supposed to be upset with Anna Ferris? When I told my wife about Kira's lil beef with her she nearly threw a fit.
  7. Guys, WHAT IS HAPPENING with this thread? It. Is. Bonkers
  8. CaseyRafter

    Episode 1814 - Dave Holmes

    The five season build up totally paid off, guys
  9. You're describing every episode they're on together (CBB, Spont, Speakeasy...wherever they join up). I love these two
  10. "over" here? You mean of course "up" here...unless I'm in Alaska. I guess if I'm in Alaska, parts of "here" are...over...there....I'll shut up now
  11. CaseyRafter

    Episode 90 — Is This Sexual Harassment?

    The Duke by The Reigning Monarchs http://shz.am/t94371396
  12. CaseyRafter

    Episode 90 — Is This Sexual Harassment?

    Best plug theme I've heard in weeks
  13. CaseyRafter

    Episode 88 — Impression Off

    Chiming in years later...I can't find Droppin' Wallets anywhere other than Youtube. Whattup, Doug. Is it still purchasable?
  14. CaseyRafter

    Episode 86 — Ernest Goes To Jail

    God dammit, this may have been my favorite, if not in the top three, episodes of HDtGM. When the ladies revealed that evil Ernest was sexy, I almost dropped a hammer on my toe. Mind you, I was nowhere near a hammer and made it half way to the tool box before I realized I was being possessed by disbelief, but I digress. Before listening to this, my reality was entirely different. I'd yet to analyze how stupid this character is and my memory of him (which was fond) was locked away in the back of my mind. I actually watched the TV show, most of the movies, laughed at the commercials. Such disillusion!
  15. Jimmy's reaction when she said she had her toenail removed made me choke on my yogurt. Also, I WANT A BABY ORANGUTAN
  16. CaseyRafter

    Episode BO2010 — The Best of 2010

    God dammit, Paul's JCR impersonation is so spot on. Love it
  17. CaseyRafter

    Episode 82 — Dammit That Was a Hot Jam

    What a great episode. They were all getting totally blazed, right? That WAS a hot jam
  18. Picture me in a quiet office while about 4 or 5 people are diligently working until I hear "Malt-o-meal, delicious breakfast. Everything you need in a box of shit...ber der ber der der der bah!" Spontaneanation is responsible for SO MANY conversations between my coworkers and I as I try to convey why I've been cackling hysterically.
  19. CaseyRafter

    Episode 71 — Comedy Death Scott

    You asked for it, so burn in hell, Shouting Talkerman
  20. CaseyRafter

    Episode 1809 - Pat Francis

    Garvin stp-rolling everyone during the American Idol talk made me burst out with a Jimmy laugh at the early hour of 7am at work. Nice job, guys.
  21. "She was even sadder when I put my fist right in her eye. You give daddy the card he WANTS"
  22. CaseyRafter

    Ask Paul!

    Is there (or will there ever be) a place on the interwebs where one might find, purchase, download, watch, and/or listen to live Spontaneanations (other than whichever episodes have been added to the podcast feed)? [Edit] - looks like this was just answered. Apologies [Re-Edit] - Actually, the previous question was about parts of Spont Live, but I suppose the answer you gave would count for the full show as well.
  23. CaseyRafter

    Episode 10 — Fuego

    "Did you think they had a baby at the end of the song?"
  24. CaseyRafter

    Episode 23 — Guest Host Paul F. Tompkins

    The same Brian from the Pod F Tompkast Extrasode (in which he calls into the Paul F. Tompkins show without an accent as Sir Paul)?
  25. This alligns with the most recent Spontaneanation! lol