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  1. Still trailing far behind and working my way through all the episodes from 1 on. This may be my favorite episode of 2013. Hodgeman, Ice-T, and Scott in a room together is such harmony I can barely take it.

    ALSO, I was listening to this on the way home last night and they mentioned Tom Petty. Tom Petty died last night. i was creeped out.

    All of the "My wife"s, "It's Been", "It's been a while", etc. LOVED it. A can't believe we got a bonus Mr. Marshall call. Three cheers.

  2. Been awhile since Hamm's been on. He's always a solid guest. Kroll is one of the go-to character comedians who can be relied on to make the show hilarious. He's up there with Adomian, PFT, Andy Daly. Can't wait to hear this one.

    Been a while!

    Slow start but once The Chupas came in, it rolled hilariously along. Loved it.

    Agreed 100%


    Jon Hamm on the most recent Doug Loves Movies tournament of champions is a perfect human being. A modern wonder of this world.


    Here's a picture of him in a tuxedo with a beard:



    Now I need an underwear change

  3. COMEDY!

    When Howard asks Pardo to name a percentage that wasn't mentioned I laughed so hard, i had to explain what I was laughing at to no less than 5 people in my office which I may or may not still be doing in 5 years when someone else reads this.


    Have to agree with all those who loved the "change your disease" bit. However, I hope you all got slammed with listeners telling you it's pronounced "Killian." Hard to believe that people, in the L.A. area no less, are constantly comparing JDR to him, and none of them has ever bothered to pronounce his name correctly.


    I thought about that too but we're dealing with 2-3 hosts who care little to nothing about complete accuracy when they can sacrifice it for humor. This is not a slam. I love these guys, but I've noticed stuff like this slipping by without being checked.