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    Episode 160 - The Lake House: LIVE!

    Tree > Mailbox The mailbox is a man-made structure. For whatever dumbass reason it can send mail through time, it cannot change time. It is when Keanu embraces nature and plants a tree then reality has changed. That's why the tree wasn't noticed until Keanu chose to plant it. Keanu wanted the house to be more in harmony with nature. Something else about dog paw prints, but to be honest, I have not and will not see this shitty movie. Thanks for digging deep in the episode so I didn't have to watch this.
  2. DanReeser

    Dragon Blade (2015)

    http://io9.com/that-...3480.1419541639 Jackie Chan. Golden Globe Winner John Cusack. ACADEMY AWARD WINNER Adrien Brody. Watch the clip and thank me later.