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  1. Looking at a sign that read "This and That" I realized the spaces between this and and and and and that need to change
  2. Once you got the custard you can cut the mustard
  3. two halves equal one so half and half should just be called a whole
  4. Don't count your chickens with a hatchet
  5. Behold, the great lactation!
  6. I'm not in the business of giving second chances, so mess this up so I can give you a third
  7. Make like a steak and get outta here
  8. Cargo Space!? But car no fly!
  9. If I'm a people person then you must be a geese goose
  10. You don't tell me what don't to do, but please tell me what do to do
  11. You don't have to believe me, just trust me for the next 8 minutes
  12. Griffleberrypie

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    CNN Plays the wrong Music