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  1. Tim and his shattered knees problem had me in stitches, especially at the end, great banter with Scott!
  3. Got sooo excited when I saw Jaime was back! Great ep! And I'd love to hear the music of good ol' "Hair Punk" metal band...
  4. Judge Sean Hoffman is always a delight! Jaime was such a great surprise, would love to hear her again.
  5. "The show where we talk to interestingest of people" - LOVE IT! I paused at 00:55, keeping my fingers crossed that by the end of it Scott will embrace it (and learn how to pronounce it).
  6. LOVED this episode thru and thru! From July's shenanigans, over Carl's buildings being born and Michael Jordan anniversary, to the long positive review, LOVED it!
  7. This was hilarious, I burst out laughing when he said "It's like putting your tongue in a balloon!"
  8. Hilarious!!! Crazy lineup, I already wish they'd all come back for another episode.
  9. Blasuch is priceless, she's my favorite of the ladies, you know it's gonna get EXTRA crazy whenever she's on! Such a silly, plot-twistfull ep, loved it.
  10. I know nobody cares but I gotta share this - while they were talking in the intro I was trying to remember what's my go-to song, and JUST when I thought "Oh, right, mine is that Dirty Dancing song - Cause IIII..." at the EXACT SAME MOMENT they started singing "...haaaad the time of my lifeee". Jaw drop!
  11. smizzla

    Episode 484 - Pre Chowder

    Jon was on fire this ep!
  12. smizzla

    Episode 60 - Confidential Courier

    Boys Night, Offices and Bosses, then this ep, absolute favorites. Would love to hear again from Jimminy!
  13. smizzla

    Episode 13 - Boys' Night

    Favorite so far! Love this podcast