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    Prince of Darkness (1987)

    John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness. LIQUID SATAN IN A JAR IN A CHURCH BASEMENT. Classic 80's fashions, half of Simon & Simon, Victor Wong and Donald Pleasance, bad dialogue coupled with bad acting, people holding back information for no good reason...it's got so much. Not to mention there are some genuinely weird bits. Oh, and did I mention Alice Cooper (as the leader of a group of creepy homeless people) impales somebody with half a bicycle?
  2. DanielaForcucciOsborne

    EPISODE 119 - Maximum Overdrive: LIVE!

    The sprinklers aren't machines, but maybe they are on timers.
  3. DanielaForcucciOsborne

    Maximum Overdrive

    "Curtis, is he dead?" Please please do this; it's so perfect. Why does the Happy Toyz truck have a terrifying clown on the back and the Green Goblin (with light up red eyes) on the front; does that toy company hate children? How do the buttons on the bridge get pushed and the levers get moved? How do headphone cords strangle people? How does a vending machine have enough power to shoot out soda cans 30 feet? How hard can it be to avoid said cans? Just, you know, step to the side. HOW DOES THIS MOVIE IGNORE PHYSICS AND I STILL LOVE IT?? Also, gotta mention all the nudie pics ripped from magazines, taped up on the wall as some kind of pervy collage, that are shown repeatedly and ARE SO 80'S.