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    EPISODE 391 - 2015 Holiday Spectacular

    This was fantastic. I feel like this is CBB at its best. Everybody managed to bring something great. I'm surprised how well some of the characters worked together. "No no no you're misunderstanding me, either of you could live with the other."
  2. If you're asking if its enjoyable in terms of humor, I would say probably not. I think it made me laugh a few times, but only through the irony or absurdity of the examples Ian used to illustrate his points. As I said, I'm not really interested in learning to improvise, and I still found a lot of what was discussed interesting. But I personally don't mind hearing about improv since knowing more about how it works only makes me appreciate and enjoy it more. Not everyone would have that experience though.
  3. Forgive my long post, but this really hit a nerve for me. Ian's lecture is fantastic. I've never heard anyone so precisely discuss the importance of "rules" (or "methods" as Ian points out might be more appropriate terminology) in learning or developing a skill. He really nails it with the comparisons and examples he uses to illustrate his points. I've never studied improv, and I probably never will. But I have a lot of teaching (and learning) experience as a helicopter flight instructor and a engineering researcher and instructor. I've found it to be a universal fact, across every discipline I've worked or taught in, that correct "method" is critical to anyone's success in reaching their potential. I'm not sure if Ian explicitly explained it this way, but in my view the "rules" in most disciplines are really tools that you eventually will use in whatever way you need to solve the problem you are faced with. Learning the tools (or rules) is almost never as gratifying as using them, but as you master the fundamentals and reach the highest level of understanding, you are able to synthesize new ideas or perform at the highest level with deeper insight and with more confidence then would ever be possible without knowledge of the fundamentals. Ian is right that when he says that if the learner (or teacher) believe you should take a shortcut to this "rules free" state they are at best misguided, and at worst deeply disrespectful to the art. I wish more teachers and students understood the fundamental importance of what Ian is discussing. I've seen some really talented pilots not want to learn something the right way because they thought they were already a few steps ahead, and naturally gifted mathematics students believe they didn't need to learn a new technique that seemed redundant to them, and every time these student eventually suffered as a result. I would recommend this lecture to anyone setting out to learn or become more proficient in anything, as it exposes many of the learning pitfalls (what in the instruction world might be called "defense mechanisms") that are common for new students, particularly those with natural talent. By accepting the "rules" (or methods, or tools) presented to them, students will virtually always learn faster and become more proficient. I am sure this applies to improv as much as it applies to the disciplines in which I have experience.
  4. abqstr

    EPISODE 373 — Vocal Fry

    This episode was great all around. I actually liked the interview with Stonestreet, and when he started dishing about the call sheet details I almost drove off the road laughing imagining how thrilled Scott must have been to finally get a serious call sheet conversation going. Victor, Tiny, and Willie were great characters and great voices, Brendon Small is just the best.
  5. Like a breath of fresh air from your grandmother's hair.
  6. abqstr

    EPISODE 374 — Tick Tock Clawk

    Made my day. Fantastically funny. I was worried at the beginning timekeeper wouldn't be as good as the first time, but this was even better. His comments during new no no's were killing me. All three guests and Scott were brilliant.