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  1. I think the line "A stowaway. You work for us. - Put him in chains." when JCVD wakes up on the boat finally explains why the sailors refuse to let Arnold leave in Hercules in New York. Paul's theory that there is some kind of rule that if you find someone in the sea then you get to enslave them appears to be correct. Maritime law is cruel.


    The New York Times had a big series of articles last year where they tracked an ocean freighter. It was pretty terrifying.

  2. One quick note. John Gabrus said that Ox, one if the reviewers from second opinions, sounds like a bully's name. Jesse Plemons actually played a bully named Ox in the Lil' Bow Wow movie Like Mike. Plemons and Bow Wow played orphans, much like the children in Van Damme's gang in The Quest.

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