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  1. hey did u guys know happily married comics-writing power couple kelly sue deconnick and matt fraction met each other by posting on the same online message board and now they are famous and successful and still in love 14 years later? i'm just saying. okay bye.
  2. happy birthday, ashley!!! i am so jealous of how funny and cool u are. i wish I could be just like u! have a great birthday being really popular and successful! i love you!
  3. Dear HayesandSean, thank you so much for delivering this funny good episode with my fellow improv comedy star, matthew besser to my phone this morning. i really love and appreciate it. i think you may have gotten the date wrong though. my birthday is actually tomorrow! no worries though. we'll just call this a bonus and you can send me another one tomorrow. sincerely, ashley
  4. i'm an anarchist so i will not vote nor will i read the last several pages of confusing oligarchical bullshit. #maketheforumslegibleagain ps- nobody nominate me as your trump-or-sanders-esque advocate for true reform. i will not accept the nomination because of that i already said that i am an anarchist.
  5. i know where you live, motherfucker.
  6. hi megs i love u bye
  7. it misses you too, soupy. especially the kev pics do. they won't shut up about it.
  8. anyone got any good emails recently? if you didn't get any good ones but you wrote a good one, you can tell me about that instead.
  9. AshleyChupp

    Episode 135 - Jon Daly, Our Close Friend

    hi dummies what's up? to all the newbies, please know that i have seniority over you. i just haven't been around in a while because i used to be number one drunk weirdo on the forums but then i got sober and had to stop posting because i was adrift in the sea of identity with no life raft of distinguishing characteristics anymore and also i don't know how to swim. ive done a lot of soul searching and i've realized that my new identity is typing in all lowercase letters and casually mentioning that i once had an essay published on huffpo. this episode was so good, it made me almost as happy as that time I found out my essay was going to be published on huffpo. edit: this message is for my friend JEFFREYPARTIES. jeff, this time if you stop at starbucks on ur way to pick me up from work please get me something too. technically u owe me because i paid for ur ticket to see x-men.
  10. nice, robotam if anyone asks i was never here
  11. hayes. fam. can u have brandon wardell on ur show? that would b poppin. book.
  12. practically everyone confuses the sizzurp cooler for the water cooler at one point or another i don't see how this is a big deal
  13. I accidentally just got high on codeine at work.
  14. Happy birthday, Hayzie! I made you a little cheat sheet, but if you want to know your ascendent, I'm going to need the time of your birth down to the exact minute. Your ascendent is actually kiiiiind of important so just PM me any time and I'll fix it, I don't mind. I can also explain all this to you if you want, but I'm going to have to charge for it. It takes a lot of time and effort for me to google this shit and then repeat it in a way that sounds like I didn't just look it up. PS - have a wonderful year, and thank you for existing. respect, and goddess bless.
  15. you're welcome, boz man i was never here
  16. Do you guys like CONTENT and hate SEXISM? Then you should check out a cool new site called SuperGlooze! SuperGlooze is a humor/pop-culture/whatever-we-want blog on which you will find multiple new sweet morsels of content every weekday!! It is run by a small band of hilarious and intelligent and badass young women. I know y'all don't care about the stuff I get into, but forum darling Silvrwoman and hilarious joke master (aaaa)annie are both members of the site staff and I know you want to support them because they are great. Also you will get to see work by other super awesome women you don't even know yet but will soon hold a special place in your small, content-loving hearts. Check out the site, like our facebook page and follow us on Twitter so you can see what posts go up and if they sound cool to you so you can click them if you want or just ignore them if you don't. We want to be a chill place on the World Wide Web that you love, and the best way for us to do that is if you guys tell us what you like and what you want to see from us. So, you know, read our articles, promote and like and comment on the ones you think are good, tell your friends (assuming you have any), etc. And to all the newbies, the best way to ensure your acceptance and success here on Forums is to fervently support all creative endeavors of your fellow forumers. Love you, bye.
  17. To anyone worried about Hayes and Sean doing another episode apart, I'd just like to remind you of in Sex and the City 2 when Mr. Big says to Carrie that they should take a couple days off a week from living together and being married cause it will make the other days when they're being normal married THAT MUCH BETTER. Also I'm not mad that Hayes called me a boy in the midroll ad because I don't believe in a gender binary and plenty of people have fluid sexual identities and that's cool and maybe I'm one of them you don't know cause you never fucking asked did you?
  18. Sup, guest? I've been sober for five days and I want to destroy everything you and everyone else loves and I'm not even sorry about it. What's the coolest way I can punch you in your annoying face? Edit: here is what my hand will look like when I punch you
  19. Congrats to Kevin on his Pisces sun and Aquarius moon!! I'm a Pisces moon and Aquarius ascendant so when you really think about it we're not that different, you and I. We also both have podcasts. Actually now that I think about it, I've never seen myself and Kevin in the same room at the same time... I'll be back I need to do some investigating.
  20. It felt pretty nice but it wasn't that big of a deal. I got other stuff going on.
  21. Hi guys it's the first Thursday of the month and you know what that means! Me and Jeffrey's pod has been dismantled and remantled for another month. Wanna know what we're doing for March? Then listen to the 'cast dummies!! (Links are in my signature.) Also this is something very few of you will care about, but jsyk I'm discontinuing my other podcast because drinking alcohol is inherent to the premise of the show and I'm doing sobriety now. The details of this sitch are none of your beeswax but I did think of a funny and original joke about how when you go to AA you gotta say "Hi I'm Ashley and I'm an alcoholic" and it's like uuuuhhhh I thought this was Alcoholics ANONYMOUS lmao. (I started this whole thing after recording this month's batch of eps with Jeff as will become exceedingly clear.) Okay peace and blessings friendos.
  22. I recommend listening to this ep whilst getting ur biweekly mani (that means manicure for u boys) but only if u want to experience the height of luxury.
  23. AshleyChupp

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    Box Angeles is my favorite podcast this is very well documented.
  24. AshleyChupp

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    how about those Star Wars movies huh? turns out they're pretty good or at least the one I saw was not a nerd tho
  25. AshleyChupp

    Episode 122 - Deadpool, Our Close Fiend

    If you want to know about whats really going on in the world outside of the media circus in the USA which has nothing to do with anything, I suggest you read this, as there will be many announcements to be made which will utterly shock most of you. "Final Peace" - Intel SITREP Gradual events over the past days, weeks, months, years and decades have lead up to this day. The "final peace" of the puzzle will be put in place today between 6-8AM CST Yesterday's scheduled 6-8pm EST release was shut down due to severe weather conditions engulfing the entire midwest and east coast regions. Be advised that this sudden weather pattern was artificially created by the Dark Nobility/Rothschild's as yet another delay to keep the RV from happening prior to the G20 meetings back wall. Galactic negotiators calmly laid out new terms, and it went something like this: "Either complete the agreement you have already made or lose all your central banks, as well as activate the removal of your bloodline from the face of the earth. " So in a moment of inspired enlightenment, the long-time dark nobles/cabal bankers signed off and allowed humanity forward." Oh, thank you merciful dark ones. The Light will take it from here thank you very much. Remember, either everyone or no one moves forward. all must decide to follow the mandate of Heaven or be excused from existence… this is to be done by free will per Universal Law… no exceptions, even for the darkest of dark hats. Extra terrestrial disclosure will be a major topic of discussion. Historical disclosures will also be handed to different nations and leaders, as its now time to find out what really happened on Pearl Harbor, 9/11, USA, Inc, New Republic, Crown Temple Bar Association, the IRS, Homeland Security & Patriot Act Fraud, Area 51, Genetic Alteration, Cloning, Black Military, Secrete Space Program, Middle East Peace, The Vatican, dark energy portals such as Syria, Haiti… etc.. The truth is all going to come out now…and this is why the cabal fought so hard from allowing any piece of this massive truth puzzle to be put into place… as they will ALL be fully exposed as humanity's enslavers… many who you have placed your absolute faith and trust in across a variety of cultural industries. Galactic advisers will be present, just as they have always been… and obviously now a little more accessible and open to all. Remember, the universal tether of bondage has been removed… so anything that serves humanity's greatest good may now come into the light of day and on-line. So enjoy your blessing. Go slow. And remember, attaining divine consciousness is always more valuable than attaining digital credits… * Oh yeah, the truth about two flood submerged continents, Atlantis (Atlantic Ocean) and Lemuria (Pacific Ocean) will be coming out as well