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    Episode 328 - Jamie Loftus, Our Mensa Friend

    Chef Kevin's arrest story was the most Chef Kevin story yet
  2. Which episode did Sean say that caterpillars are the opposite of cows?
  3. Seems like that would be pretty helpful
  4. For Sale. Baby Shoes. SUPER CUTE!
  5. This episode really turns the old adage "beggars can't be sound engineers" on its head.
  6. Just bought tickets to their next live show at Treefort. I've never been to the venue before, nor do I understand the weird names for their seating sections but I was able to score a cheap ticket on craigslist (Row F, Seat 69, (Obstructed)).
  7. Even though I had a seat behind a big steel girder like in looney toons this way BY FAR the best show of the night
  8. Yes the legends are true, but do you know WHY the floor is made of lava?
  9. you catch more vinegar enthusiasts with vinegar than you do with honey
  10. Jimmy Crack Corn and I don't talk much anymore