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  1. Recipe For Cake by Alex Jonestown Massacre. https://alexjonestownmassacre.bandcamp.com/track/recipe-for-cake-2
  2. KennEdwards

    Episode #92: STAND BY ME

    I'm 28 years old and can't believe I had never seen this movie until just now, and I'm so glad The Canon exists to make me get into it. The moment the whole movie made sense to me, the moment it all clicked, was write after the milk money story - which is great - but the quiet moment after said everything about the movie. The moment with the deer. A beautiful little encounter that definitely happened, but then the writer lets us know that "I had never spoken or written of it before just now." As if the moment, as a perfect representation of how fleeting life is, was never real to the rest of us until he shared it with others, be it audience or friends. It's the entire reason we write. To let history know, "this happened." Summed up beautifully in a perfect 60 seconds of film. I had the pause the movie for a moment to weep at the profundity it tapped into. And that's just 1/90th of the movie, the rest of which was similarly measured and executed. 3 more tiny things: Glad I finally have a face to put the name Corey Feldman to. For years I've been annoyed not knowing who the fuck that reference was. Lard-ass' Barf-o-Rama is my new favorite short film. I don't necessarily agree with the read that the leads are in love, Devin. But I do agree with literally everything else you said in the episode. So if you could slap me some virtual skin by unblocking me @TheKennEdwards, I will forever Stand By your tweet-stream at the very least.
  3. KennEdwards

    Episode 84: RE-ANIMATOR

    Amy, you're totally right here. Sorry, Devin. Will you unblock me on twitter anyway? I love you and always have. @TheKennEdwards. Btw you guys have the best movie podcast there is.
  4. KennEdwards

    Episode 77: SEVEN

    I love you Amy, but I don't understand your insistence on resistance. Your argument that Brad Pitt is unlikable and therefore not interesting is the silliest thing I've ever heard. I never liked Walter White or Don Draper but that doesn't mean they weren't super compelling characters. Devin, I listen to this podcast weekly and have turned several people onto BMD. You are one of my favorite not only critics, but writers. On Twitter you implied Bernie shouldn't be president because he wasn't a David Bowie fan. I responded to this and called that "silly," and you blocked me for that, which is an equally silly thing to do. Please unblock @TheKennEdwards. I'll never respond to any tweets ever again if that's what it takes. But I do miss following you, and wasn't aware that would make you so upset. Thanks for such a great show, you two!
  5. Plug Your Shit by Kenn Edwards
  6. Here is my theme song. I just spent a good part of an afternoon on it. I think you'll like it. It's short. https://soundcloud.c.../plug-your-shit