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    EPISODE 149 — Ambassador of Evil

    I'm hoping they just want to wrap up the current adventure, to give people closure. Then they can jump into something new!
  2. Francis

    EPISODE 149 — Ambassador of Evil

    Still a good episode. I always enjoy Nerd Poker. I do hope they shake up the show, Dan DMing and Brendan Small's brief residency was a huge improvement. But I don't mind finishing up the current adventure! If it takes a few more episodes to finish their journey in the land of multicolored giants, I don't mind. Hopefully the gang will embark on a new adventure soon.
  3. Francis

    EPISODE 148 — Pleasured by Fairies

    I've been tweeting and posting reddit comments every episode! I'm hoping lots of fans are sharing their enjoyment of the new episodes, I think Dan and Ken check twitter and the forums, the word should get back how much we're enjoying Brendan.
  4. Francis

    EPISODE 148 — Pleasured by Fairies

    Another great episode! These last four episodes have gotten me so excited. I've enjoyed the show for years, but this adventure has gone to a whole new level. When Brendan pulled out the voice of Tiny from CBB I almost lost my mind.
  5. Francis

    EPISODE 145 — Moon Festival

    This episode was so great! I've been listening for years, since nudity and polar bears featured prominently in the show. Dan did an awesome job DMing and Brendan Smalls was great! I just created this Earwolf account because I really wanted to comment on this episode and say I would love to see Dan DMing more, and to see new regulars added. I love Thomas Middleditch and Brendan Smalls, and having committed regulars that are funny and really get into the roleplaying would be so enjoyable. Anyway, great show fellas!