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    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    I had to sign up for an Earwolf account because I wanted to make sure this gets mentioned: Recall during the scene in which Grilldoor (Gwildor?), Teela(?), and her Dad (Man-at-Arms) have stolen and are eating the barbeque ribs. Teela and Gwildor have no idea what the food they are eating is, in fact, they don't even seem to have a conception of what meat is, and are appaled to find that they are eating animal tissue. Man-at-Arms, on the other hand, casually identifies that they are eating ribs directly off the bone. Given that what we see of Etenia is largely a barren wastland without much lower animal life (recall their confusion over the cow) and Man-at-Arms statement that in times of war you eat whatever you can, then I am forced to conclude that Man-at-Arms has, in the past, consumed other sentient beings or perhaps even human beings. Also, I loved that Jason recognized Living in a Box which, by the way, was released by the band 'Living in a Box.' That's right, the song is eponymous. I wish more bands were named after their hit song or vice versa. Depeche Mode could have been called 'Enjoy the Silence' or if there was a song named 'Radiohead.'