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  1. Opening Credits Rip-Off Right away, when this movie starts, we're hit square in the face with the notion that this movie has no original ideas. For whatever reason, the opening credits take place in outer space. As setting in which the film NEVER re-visits. There are zero scenes that take place in space, and they don't even really travel through it. (the wormholes just sort of take you to other places, not through outer space) So why??? Why have the opening credits like this? Easy. Star Wars. Again, the notion is "Hey...kids like the Star Wars, let's make it kinda like that" Then to top it off the opening music might as well be from the Star Wars music library. I'm listening to it and thinking, man is this a John Williams song? Just then "Music by Bill Conti" appears on screen, Not quite John Williams, but close enough. (and WAY better than they should've been able to afford)