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    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    Bottom line: this film packs an emotional punch. Paul and June felt it. There's no reason that should happen during a film based on a terrible '80s action figure line--unless there really is something special going on with the movie. It's not a 'great' film by any grand stretch of the imagination, but it deserves to be rehabilitated a bit. This is not a movie that deserves to go down as just being "bad"; nor is it deserving of the 17% it currently tracks on Rotten Tomatoes. They did WAY better than they had any right to with this thing, and given what we know about the budget and production issues, it's a goddamn miraculous piece of cinema. It has a coherent plot (not sure why you guys had a hard time making sense of it; it's pretty basic), and actual themes. Those were not required of '80s low-budget action/sci-fi movies. But this one has them. Can we stop saying this movie is bad? It's a lot of fun, it hits you in the feels, and it's got Frank Langella doing fucking Shakespeare in a skeleton mask. Can we cut it a little slack?