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  1. Ytse

    EPISODE 149 — Ambassador of Evil

    Well, it was fun while it lasted
  2. Ytse

    EPISODE 148 — Pleasured by Fairies

    Another top notch episode! So many laughs. Thanks guys PS. What do we need to do to convince Brendon to join the group full time?
  3. Ytse

    EPISODE 146 — Moon Festival Pt. 2

    Couldn't agree more here. I really miss the female energy on the show and Lauren would be a fantastic addition, even just for a few episodes
  4. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! It really sounds like these guys are genuinely having a ton of fun. Loving this new set up so much. Please keep it going
  5. Ytse

    EPISODE 146 — Moon Festival Pt. 2

    I totally agree. Ken is criminally under-appreciated. He has always made me smile Luv ya Ken!
  6. Ytse

    EPISODE 146 — Moon Festival Pt. 2

    It's been a long time since I could say this, but, I've been smiling ear to ear for the last 2 hours thanks to Nerd Poker! I'm not much of a forum person but I felt like I needed to register and add my voice to the chorus of high praise for 'Moon Festival'. I was totally addicted to the show since the beginning but, unfortunately, I just wasn't enjoying it at all with Blaine at the helm so, sadly, I drifted away. But I still check in from time to time hoping for a little of that magic the show had for me every week with Sara, Jerry and Sark. When I saw such amazing feedback for this pair of episodes, I gave it a shot and I'm SO glad I did. Dan did such a great job DM'ing and Brendon was a hilarious breath of fresh air. I know this probably won't last, but please, please, please keep Dan in the DM chair