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    EPISODE 121 - Perfect: LIVE!

    How did y'all leave out how many dangling threads there were? The stripper and her obviously abusive husband who doesn't like her talking to people, though I guess it pays off with that nut punch later. It seems like this whole movie was filler to plump (pcpd) the John and Jaime fuck plot. Also how about the insane cuts during conversations, like when John is trying to convince Jaime for an interview and he leaves her entering her class, cut to them leaving the gym, in the parking lot, but their conversation pucks up right where they left it, even though it's been at least an hour since they last talked, and in that moment they must have been walking near each other for a little, why did they wait so long to talk to each other. This movie was just insane. Also the shot with linda waving to John from inside the gym and he just shoots her the meanest look, like don't ever wave at me bitch!