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  1. NeilMiser

    Episode 135 - Solarbabies: LIVE!

    Wow, coming from Fister Roboto...
  2. NeilMiser

    Episode 135 - Solarbabies: LIVE!

    Wouldn't it only cost seven dollars in quarters?
  3. NeilMiser

    Episode 135 - Solarbabies: LIVE!

    As soon as Peter DeLuise was mentioned, I was hoping someone would bring up how I know him: as the director of many, many episodes of Stargate SG-1! Paul claims to be a nerd who knows everything about Star Trek, but I'm a Gate fan from wayback. Peter DeLuise joined in the second or third season directing episodes, and he became one of their main guys through the remainder of the ten-season run. He liked to pull the Hitchcock trick of including himself in the background of every episode he directed. So you would see Peter DeLuise as an airman in the back of the room or his initials would be spelled out in candles reflected in a window. In one episode he directed his father, Dom DeLuise, who briefly shapeshifted into a "younger, more handsome version" of himself played by Peter himself.
  4. NeilMiser

    EPISODE 121 - Perfect: LIVE!

    Unrelated to the episode, but I just had to ask after seeing the latest episode of The League. What the hell is Paul wearing on his feet? Are those ballet slippers? Even from Andre, I'd expect more.