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    Super Fuzz AKA Super Snooper (1980)

    Sometimes list on TV as Super Trooper Superpowers, weakness to 1 color, alligators, Ernest Borgnine, a lead actor who cannot speak English, giant bubble gum bubble Nothing beats Super Fuzz http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0082924/
  2. NicholasOnuszkanycz

    EPISODE 121 - Perfect: LIVE!

    Liquid nitrogen ice cream has been making a comeback in the states. There is a chain of these stores that opened near me. My kids love it. Not only is it pretty freaking delicious, but it is very cool to watch being created. Plus if a T-1000 is hunting you, you could give yourself a good hour headstart by opening up one of the liquid nitrogen tanks on Robert Patrick. https://www.subzeroicecream.com/store-locator/?wpsl-search-input=35756#wpsl-search-wrap