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    EPISODE 121 - Perfect: LIVE!

    Hey everyone, Big fan of the podcast. This was the first live episode I was able to attend and it was amazing. I had a question, but unfortunately I was not one of the lucky few called upon (there were a LOT of people there). But I wanted to give my alternate name for the movie and ask my question all the same. My name is Jason (sad I missed out on the possible name love from Zukes). Alternate title: Pelvic Thrust Issues During John Travolta's tour of the club, when he's being told about Jessie, he's told that she is "probably the best FEMALE aerobics instructor we have". Are we to believe that somewhere, never seen on camera, there is some dude running aerobics classes that can top the amazing classes Jessie runs? I find this very unlikely, as we all know how awesome her classes are. We even got to see an entire one in the movie. I call bullsh*t. Thanks for the hours of entertainment, you guys rock!!