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    Happiness is a Warm Plug

    Thank you for the feedback, Oddbomb! I just may take your suggestion if this version doesn't get used. Mostly unrelated: I found out today that none other than the Cake Boss (cakeboss) is opening a Carlo's Bakery right across the street from the restaurant I work at here in Dallas, TX.
  2. "Happiness is a Warm Plug" -- four themes, one minute, no waiting. I don't know if I can do better than this, but I'll probably keep trying.
  3. hangmanblues

    What's in That Bag?

    Just realized it wasn't downloadable before. Fixed -- downloadable now. https://soundcloud.c...-5/cbb_plugs_02
  4. hangmanblues

    What's in That Bag?

    Thank you!
  5. My second submission for the CBB plugs theme. The title: "What's in That Bag?"
  6. My first submission for the CBB plugs theme features the talents of Mr. Tom Leykis. It is entitled... "Tom's Tongue in Aspic (Plugs)" https://soundcloud.com/will-short-5/cbb_plugs_01