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  1. "Happiness is a Warm Plug" -- four themes, one minute, no waiting. I don't know if I can do better than this, but I'll probably keep trying.
  2. hangmanblues

    Happiness is a Warm Plug

    Thank you for the feedback, Oddbomb! I just may take your suggestion if this version doesn't get used. Mostly unrelated: I found out today that none other than the Cake Boss (cakeboss) is opening a Carlo's Bakery right across the street from the restaurant I work at here in Dallas, TX.
  3. My second submission for the CBB plugs theme. The title: "What's in That Bag?"
  4. hangmanblues

    What's in That Bag?

    Just realized it wasn't downloadable before. Fixed -- downloadable now. https://soundcloud.c...-5/cbb_plugs_02
  5. hangmanblues

    What's in That Bag?

    Thank you!
  6. My first submission for the CBB plugs theme features the talents of Mr. Tom Leykis. It is entitled... "Tom's Tongue in Aspic (Plugs)" https://soundcloud.com/will-short-5/cbb_plugs_01