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    EPISODE 149 — Ambassador of Evil

    First let me say how good it is to have everyone back. Ken, Blaine, and Steve, your antics were sorely missed. Dan, I mostly made this account to tell you: Really awesome job DMing. It was really cool to see how much the group engaged with your story. I think it was last episode, (or maybe the one before that), when Brian said "Aww man!" when you guys hit the hour mark. I haven't heard the group that wrapped up in the story since the Sark days. Keeping such a big group of hilarious dudes on track is no easy task, and you're great at it. I think in the 4 hours that you DM'ed, there was a solid 3.5 of D&D, which really brought this podcast back to its roots. I was so excited for this episode, that I accidentally checked for it yesterday and was disappointed to remember they come out on Wednesdays. Now that it has been released, I have to agree with the There was a little bit more progression than usual, but the episode very quickly became the same old: "You're walking... you're walking... you're walking..." and then ... "You're flying... you're flying... you're flying... is it time yet? No? ... you're flying..." I too had a pang of excited nostalgia when Blaine mentioned that he'd like to PC again, even if it was a joke. A lot of people want Blaine as a character again, and that's because he's great at it. Most of Blaine's humor is reactive, and he has a lot more material to work with when someone is feeding him the descriptions and action. Not only that, but he's good at D&D. He knows his equipment and spells, and he uses them intelligently. I smiled when I remembered the good old days of Blackie zipping around with his fly spell and "a little thing called.... that's right... eldritch blast." Oh what I would give for Blackie's Arcane-Fighter cousin "Forest" to join the party. Sorry for the wall of text, but it's been building up for a while. The dang forum's account validation wasn't working for a long time.