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    Anybody listening to this "Serial" Podcast?

    love serial . in fact after you Finnish check out undisclosed . it Really details the things serial skipped over . its hosted by rabia (may have spelled her name wrong) Adnons relative
  2. TariiqMescudi

    Your favorite non earwolf podcasts?

    Brilliant idiots , The Mentis podcast, Taxstone All On Itunes
  3. TariiqMescudi

    New York Podcasts?

    If you love NY Podcast " TAXS SEASON " is one of the most popular Also be sure to check out my NY/NJ Podcast . EP 1& 2 are available on ITunes and sound cloud " THE MENTIS PODCAST " https://soundcloud.com/user-145569092/all-we-got-is-us in peace !
  4. TariiqMescudi

    Podcast exchange program

    Podcasting is a great medium. my podcast is called the MENTIS pod. just a bunch of college kids joking around talking about drugs, music, scenarios. we have tons of perspectives. if you like it rate us and let us know where we can improve : https://itunes.apple...7T16_18_24-07_0 id love to check out all the other podcast in this forum