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    Episode 174 - Jason X: LIVE!

    I'm pretty sure the sleeping bag kill in this movie is a reference to Friday the 13th Part VII, where he kills a girl by bashing her against a tree while she's in a sleeping bag.
  2. NutRumpus

    Episode 165 - Ninja Terminator: LIVE!

    I'm glad you noticed this too! Not only that, but listen to the first four seconds of the fanfare for this. They literally ripped it right out of the soundtrack of Star Wars, I think the actual song is called "Imperial Attack."
  3. NutRumpus

    Episode 164 - The Wraith: LIVE!

    Holy shit. I haven't listened to the episode yet. But if I was an alien and I watched this movie without knowing anything else about Earth, I'd think the 80s were just complete and utter chaos.
  4. I haven't finished listening to the episode yet, but whenever someone brings up these movies, I always think of this anecdote. I apologize in advance for some of the language used. About three or four years ago I went to a "gentlemen's club" with a couple friends. It was a Thursday night, so I already knew their "A-Team" wouldn't be working. So, we get there, grab a drink, and kinda chill at the bar watching the show. About 15 minutes after we get there one of the dancers comes up to us. And she was like the epitome of a washed out stripper. Dyed blonde hair that was showing her dark roots, probably in her early 40s but her face looked like she "lived a lot" when she was young (if you get my meaning), and fake boobs. She also reeked of cigarettes and had that old-lady smoker voice. The one you get for smoking like two packs a day for your entire life. She introduces herself as, no joke, "Triple X." I had to hold back the biggest snicker, because this was ridiculous. One of my friends immediately peaced out of this conversation and walked around the place. That left me and my other friend with her, and we talked with her for a couple minutes, because we're polite guys. Normal stuff like our names, what we do, how often we come (almost never), etc. Then, I make the joke "Oh, your name is 'Triple X'? Like the movie?" This was the worst mistake I've ever made. She replies, "Yeah, but only the good one." In my head I thought, "Yes, the Vin Diesel one. Not the shitty Ice Cube one." Now, I've never seen the Ice Cube one. I just remember hearing it was crap. She then says "You know, the one with Ice Cube." And then there was a pause. To which she followed up with, "You know Vin Diesel's a faggot, right?" I pride myself on being a clever, quick person. I usually have some sort of quip or joke to make at any occasion. I was completely stunned. I looked at my friend who was also at a loss for words. I think she got pissed we didn't laugh or agree with her, because after that she just said "Ugh, whatever," and walked away from us in a huff. It was honestly one of the most bizarre experiences of my life. She also came back up to me later, when I was alone waiting for my friends who were in the "VIP Room," and completely forgot that we had spoken before.
  5. NutRumpus

    Episode 152.5 - Minisode 152.5

    I was really hoping someone would bring this up, as I'm not a fan but I wasn't sure what the overall consensus is. I know the segments are called Movie BITCHES, but they're just too mean for me. The thing I like about HDTGM is that yeah they're kind of making fun of the movie, but they also try to at least give the flick a chance and figure out what was going on. The Movie Bitches are mean just to be mean.
  6. NutRumpus

    Episode 152.5 - Minisode 152.5

    I 110% agree with you. I was a little confused why they picked this movie, but after watching it again I got it. It is really strange that they did a sequel SO similar to the first. And like 15 years after the first movie too.
  7. NutRumpus

    Episode 152.5 - Minisode 152.5

    I can't wait to hear what they have to say about Escape from LA. I used to love this movie in high school and college, even though I knew it was horrible.
  8. NutRumpus

    Episode 150 - Grease 2

    I haven't finished the episode yet, so I apologize in advance if both these are brought up: 1. I remember reading something about how the actress who played Frenchy said her part was originally cut out of the movie, but not until like halfway through filming. But then the producers decided to put her back in the movie, but couldn't film any more scenes, so they just used what they had. That's why she kind of disappears halfway through the movie. 2. I also remember reading that at one point the Grease franchise was going to have like three or four movies and a TV series, but after the abysmal performance of this movie that was all scraped. There was a semi-finished script written for a Grease 3, of which some elements were used to make High School Musical.
  9. I haven't listened to the episode yet, but watching the movie made me wonder what VR was really like back then. Which led me to this PBS special from 1992 on virtual reality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6CARe34Nxg. Kinda interesting!
  10. I just wanted to comment on all the references in this movie. This movie was WAY too self-aware. So, all these vampires or whatever, Rose included, are basically cut off from the outside world. Until Rose and Lissa ran away for a year. I get that in that year Rose (and probably Lissa) would have indulged in pop culture from the outside world. I assume that they carefully picked and choose what they did, as they weren't sure how long it would be before they got caught and sent back to the school. I get that they would look into the Twilight franchise, ya know since they're vampires and all. I get that they would get into Sixteen Candles with the Duckie reference. But then at one point Rose makes a comment about crawling through air ducts and sliding down a rope or something to that effect. This is a reference to the first Mission: Impossible movie. Not even Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, which would have been the most recent M:I movie, assuming this movie takes place in 2014 when it was released. So you're trying to tell me that a 17 year old girl watched a Tom Cruise spy thriller from 1996? After spending her entire life cut off from the outside world, THAT is one of the things she decides to do with her precious, limited time in the outside would? Nuh uh. I don't buy it for a second. Also, I'm very surprised that Jason wasn't familiar with these books. Or maybe he's just trying to hide it from us.
  11. NutRumpus

    Episode 144 - Stealth

    I haven't listened to the episode yet, but I just wanted to chime in a say I saw this in theaters and thought it was horrible then. I was 19 and really just went for one reason: Jessica Biel's butt. That thing is on point during this era.
  12. NutRumpus

    Episode 143 - Gods of Egypt

    First off, I want to saw that I had to watch this movie in three parts because I fell asleep twice while watching it. I kept checking the time and thinking "There's still an hour left in this movie? This movie is two hours long?!" I felt like it lasted for like five hours. I also felt that the visual effects were horrible. They kept wavering back and forth between "decent" and "trash." For example, I thought the Gods' armor looked really cool but then the elevator scene looked like something from a pre-ride show at Disney World or Universal Studios. And yeah, apparently this movie and Mad Max: Fury Road shared a lot of the same cast and crew. Interesting that this movie was such crap and Mad Max was awesome.
  13. NutRumpus

    Episode 137 - The Avengers: LIVE!

    I have a couple things to bring up. I skimmed through this thread and didn't notice anyone mentioning the same things, but I apologize in advance if I'm repeating something: 1. Does anyone else think the entire Bear Board Meeting was an homage to Goldfinger (and A View to a Kill, since that's basically just a rehash of Goldfinger)? The villain meets with all his cronies (which seems to be for the the first time as a group), the villain asks if everyone still wants to go along with the plan, some of said cronies decide it's not for them, so the villain kills them to avoid any potential information leaks. The only thing that's missing is one of the heroes listening in on the conversation from a hidden spot, which could easily have been one of the many cut scenes from this movie. 2. I also think the fact that there was nobody in this movie was a reference to the original TV show. I remember watching some episodes of the show when I was younger and, since I was very confused but intrigued by the show, I looked up trivia online. I remember one piece of trivia about the fact that whenever Steed went to normally busy areas, nobody was around. The production team did this because when they put Steed in a normally busy place, like a train station or an airport, he stuck out like a sore thumb and no longer seemed "acceptable" to the TV audience. However, put him in a room full of bad guys and he's right in his element.
  14. NutRumpus

    EPISODE 122 - Death Spa: LIVE!

    Just like Paul this entire movie bothered me, but a couple things really stuck out: 1. Nearish the end there was a scene with two people working on an electric junction box (I think it was the lawyer and the girl he was conspiring with? Honestly, I zoned out so much during this movie). The guy gets zapped by electricity, holds his wrist up to his hear to make sure his watch is still working, and then ties his watch to something in the junction box. But the camera gives us a close up of this and he's wearing a digital Casio calculator watch. Why would he need to hear that to make sure it's working? You can literally see the seconds tick by in number format. It's not like a watch with hands where if you don't have a second hand it may be hard to see the other two hands move. In fact, I own one of these watches myself and they don't even make sounds as the seconds tick by! The only thing I can think of is that when the movie was written in 1983 digital watches weren't as common, so it was probably written into the script that he checks the watch. It was just never taken out, even with the character wearing that digital watch. 2. During one of the final scenes between Michael and Catherine/David in the NASA control room (while Laura is being cooked on that tanning bed) there's a set of dialogue that goes like this: Michael: "Let her go first." Catherine/David: "Don't give me ultimatums!" Michael: "If you kill her, you'll never have me!" The dialogue in that order doesn't make sense. Michael's first line isn't really the ultimatum, but his second line is. I'm thinking here that maybe there was another Catherine/David line where the ultimatum line would normally have gone, but maybe they couldn't get a good take of it or the line just fell flat. So they just replaced it with the current line and said "Fuck it."