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    In Search of a Storyline

    I do like that idea. It could make a big difference without taking much of their time.
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    In Search of a Storyline

    Hi all! I love the podcast and have been listening from the beginning. I've donated to support it, and I like everyone who has been on the show and everyone currently on it. What's better than dick jokes and wizards and shit? Nothing, really. I preface this with my love for the show, and that this is just some asshole's opinion. But I'll get right to it - lately the story has been bland, going from one set of crayola-giants to another just to have the same repetitive encounters. No one is an ally and no conversation leads to even the most remote understanding of what the hell's going on. I'm not sure why no story seems to be coming together, even when Dan has fought so mightily to find one. Sark's story telling always surprised me, and I actually felt like I was experiencing a very odd and vulgar fantasy novel. More recently, I was surprised at how fun the Moon Festival episodes were. I looked forward to each of those. (Brendan Small is also a welcome addition to any show!) I think the issue for me is that Blane is hilarious, but also a human segue machine. He makes a great character, and I never want him to leave the podcast... but with him as a DM things have been stale and hard to follow. I haven't bothered to write this in the past because I realize it may come across as mean or ungrateful; the podcast is fuckin' free. But since even the damned fish robots have proven not to be allies, I decided to share my opinion. Anyone share my view? I mean all of this only as constructive feedback - I just want this podcast to live on for years and get better and better. Feel free to disregard it if no one else feels similarly.
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    In Search of a Storyline

    Now now, guys. The man's a doctor. I think he knows what he's talking about here.