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  1. You realize as you idiots squabbled about votes and elections Jack just became CEO. To take a joke about modern politics and even apply it to this situation let me just say to the other opponents. "Ya fired"
    Everyone who votes for Jack gets a ride on my dad's boat and $200 in Outback Steakhouse giftcards.


    Life's not fair. Vote for Jack.


    It seems as though the Jack camp can't even agree on whether or not the election is even still going on. How is such incompetency going to run a whole podcasting operation?!

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  2. VrMF4lg.jpg


    Forumers, is this what you want from your leadership: a corrupt group of thugs rigging elections and operating behind closed doors? This isn’t democracy! This isn’t freedom! These fools have made a mockery of the democratic process, the forums and of themselves. Don’t give into their power and deceit!


    I come to you today an outsider, one who is free from the depraved frauds of forum elitism! I’m throwing my hat into the ring as a running mate of Gollstone! Together we promise to bring about a better tomorrow, away from these double-dealing insiders!!

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