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  1. Agreed, it's pretty unsettling and has a depressing undertone. Maybe gnarly wasn't as descriptive :)


    But let's not kid ourselves, this is a perfect candidate for the show, even though I'm not sure June could sit through it. This may just make her nauseous, even though there are no machines in it...

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  2. Ommission:


    So Kazaam was a real person at one point, and was turned into a genie over 5,000 years ago. Sure, I'm on board with that. However, that means that over 5,000 years ago, Kazaam was walking around, 7'-1", 300 something pounds.


    The average height of a person was much smaller 100 years ago, let alone 5,000 years ago. Kazaam would have been a god like figure at that size at that time. He would have made Xerxes look like Kat Williams.



    Coming to you soon, Gilgamesh 3D, starring Shaq.

  3. This one is both mystifying and incomprehensible, all the while featuring Christopher Lambert being a squinty, low-voiced knight of sorts. I got this once (thankfully with at least one other movie) for a movie night with two buddies, and IIRC we finished it despite being baffled by the experience. A terrible, terrible movie. This one is a hot to lukewarm mess, but the strange of it should do. No real connection to the myth, btw.


    edit: huh, Rhona Mitra was in that one?


    It has been a while since I have seen A Fish Called Wanda or Fierce Creatures, and even still he is flanked by two Monty Python alumni so it might not matter. He works in I Love You To Death, and bearable in The Ice Storm (not a comedy), but I dislike Dave and In & Out (which feels like the whole time the jokes are supposed to be like "It's funny because he's gay!!!!")


    It could just be that I have an irrational and completely unjustified dislike of Kevin Kline for some unknown reason.


    Oh, different strokes and all that. But although I like him a lot (for some reason, he's a familiar childhood face) I can see him coming across as smug, that's why I'm interested. I can only assume it's the mustache.


    Had to look up, but have seen I Love You To Death, not familiar with Ice Storm. I think Dave was sort of weak, but he was fine in it. This leaves In & Out as the edge case: I remember vaguely liking it when it came out, but I saw it last year or so and it did not hold up at all. In fact, it may well be a good candidate for the show, for all the gay stereotypes alone.


    Oh hey, another one - he was pretty good in soapdish too, another comedy. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soapdish)

  5. I have to say that I usually can't stand Kline, especially in comedies. There are a few exceptions, but generally I find him to be smug and the expression on his face always seems to say "you're welcome for that."


    I take exception to that! Maybe I haven't seen all that many comedies with him, but A Fish Called Wanda? Fierce Creatures? Obviously, Wild Wild West was a terrible mistake, but what else?

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  6. I think that's more to do with Penn holding her hostage and beating her for a few days.


    I'm not proud I know about this, but rather recently there's been some internet outrage because she, after years of silence, said that never happened. Probably shouldn't regularly skim these celebrity gossip sites.


    Also, come on people - if we do this, we really should be doing Vibes first (feat. Peter Falk, Jeff Goldblum and Cindy Lauper).

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  7. I thought of this because something triggered the memory of this masterpiece: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Party_at_Kitty_and_Stud's


    It's a soft-core porn movie featuring a young Silvester Stallone. Even the wiki page mentions he did it because he was homeless at the time. Obviously, it's a movie, and worth mentioning because of Sly, but... let's be real, there's not much to actually discuss there.


    Which other movies can you think of that fit the theme for the show, but would inevitably make a poor episode?

  8. Depardieu has devolved into a well-documented drunk that has given up his french citizenship in favor of a russian one (IIRC for tax purposes). I remember him shaking hands with and praising Putin at his passport ceremony. I suppose he needs all the cash he can get. Dunno about the other two, nor am I familiar with this movie. The box office numbers mentioned above make me curious despite not being interested in football at all, but I know better than to watch this. Not even for the podcast, I learned my lesson.

  9. I've seen Jonah Hex earlier tonight and now this (both on account of this board), and my response is similar: too middling for the podcast. It's bland fare all around, and you can't even play the "they had to have a white guy to sell it" card, because in this at least they let the main japanese guy kill the main baddy. The demon spawn/witch/starting monster angle is just lost, and not bad enough to warrant much discussion. Even the mass suicide happy ending is pretty fitting given the setting, even more so after reading the wiki page on the historical 47 ronin (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forty-seven_Ronin).


    Just like "the last samurai" featuring Tom Cruise as the white-guy-to-sell-the-movie, this seems like a perfect candidate on paper. Going by the film itself, not so much.

  10. Having just seen the movie because of this thread and not knowing the comics, I'm not sure it's a good candidate. It's not outrageous, incompetent or anything, it's just... sort of underwhelming. The gatling gun horse was fun, the talking-to-the-dead bit surprising (but set up in the intro, established by hellboy and other sources as a thing and came back for the talk he had with the son of the villain, which was decent overall) but not totally jarring. Aside from that, what do you have?

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  11. Right, death for no reason confirmed. Stella even tells him he could heal himself without trouble at the time. Not sure where I picked up the idea that he was a robot, possibly from his deflecting laser blasts with his hands. I'm frankly a bit disappointed, I liked the idea that somebody would build an overenthusiastic future-seeing robot with a perm...


    While we are at it, how about his whole future-seeing thing? Once it's established, he mentions several times that he knew about this and that, but couldn't tell because it's "forbidden to change the future". However, he frequently is the only thing that saves them, and is crucial in pointing them in the right direction at times. It's his powers that save the team's lives multiple times, but apparently that's not changing the future...?


    Also, there is a great moment where he tells stella and the hoff they are already on the planet with the weapon by essentially saying "think about it, it's obvious" and then hoff replies along the lines of "all this time, and I never realized". Then Akton replies with "you couldn't have known". Which one is it, you golden-mouthed, frizzy-haired ex-preacher? TELL ME!


    Lastly, I don't like the thread merging even though I undstand why it happens. At least I called it this time.

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  12. @Joven:


    huh, I know I used the search function today before posting (that's why I didn't make a new Meet the feebles post), I swear nothing showed up. Disappointing, I expect another thread merge, which I don't really like. Meh.


    As for the robot part, I could swear he's a robot or an android. Will have to rewatch the whole thing to be sure though, can't remember where that would come up. I might as well, I wrote earlier that he dies without reason, but the wiki page plot summary says he's mortally wounded, and now it niggles at me.


    edit: for clarification, when I said "pretends to be a robot" I mean that the role is that of a robot, not that the character pretends to be one.

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  13. Glad to be of service :) Man, they packed pretty much all the movie in the trailer!


    Hey, this looks pretty good for some background details as well, music by an oscar winning composer, and I just found out that overly-upbeat-robot-with-a-perm was a "gifted" Christian revivalist for much of his life: https://en.wikipedia.../Marjoe_Gortner


    Also, Caroline Munro was completely dubbed over by a different actress, which 1) explains a lot and 2) must be kind of harsh, with her being english and all...

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  14. A blatant italian Star Wars Ripoff: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starcrash


    This amateurishly dubbed monstrosity features Caroline Munro in your standard issue leather space bikini, Christopher Plummer as the Emperor Of The Universe, David fucking Hasslehoff as the Emperor's son, and another perm-wearing man that pretends to be a robot with special powers (as demanded by the "plot") and an unreasonably upbeat personality.


    Somebody dies without sustaining any wounds (because, apparently, it is "their time", whatever that is supposed to mean), there is a crazy space battle in the end where golden dildos crash through the huge spaceship windows (!) and men jump out, the plot is terrible and makes very little sense, nobody's voices seem to have any connection with the person they supposedly come out of, and the whole thing could be avoided if sees-the-future would just borrow can-stop-time-spaceship and do the movie by himself.


    You have to see to believe.

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  15. This has way too few replies, it is a must for the podcast!


    I saw it over 15 years ago IIRC, but some things you can't forget - like the cat blowing the walrus under the desk, or indeed the Vietnam flashback of the drug-addicted frog. Pure Madness.



    btw, have we talked about how gnarly the puppets look?

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  16. A good candidate, as it's both terrible and enjoyable (the sequel is just terrible). The best part is Dafoe, who chews so much scenery you fear for his teeth! The two leads are likeable enough, their friend is annoying aside from a scene or two, and the constant, over the top swearing becomes grating pretty quickly.


    Billy Connolly and Ron Jeremy show up in it too, and in the end Dafoe puts on a dress and saves everybody because of course one of the guards can't resist Sarah Jessica Parker's 70 year old aunt...


    I saw this for free and loved it the first time. Can't imagine how I'd feel if I had paid for it.


    Oh, and I'm watching Overnight right now. That's tough to bear like 10mins in, and it runs for 80min!

  17. Can't recommend this too much! My only regret is that 11min per episode isn't enough, those three seasons just fly by. Even Zukes makes one short appearance!


    One tiny gripe - you missed the mark by not making Jon Lovitz a cast member from episode one on.


    (Jon Lovitz is not in it at all, but in hindsight this seems like an obvious mistake)

  18. I know and love this movie, and it is such an obvious candidate that I can't bear not having thought of it first. Do this one, it's amazing. Jeff Goldblum is doing the Rutger Hauer thing again (i.e. improving the movie by virtue of starring in it), Cindy Lauper is her best self and therefore all kinds of amazing, and Peter Falk is there to tie a bow on it.


    JG and CL are real-life psychics with very specific powers, and get railroaded into what was probably supposed to be some sort of Indiana Jones like plot. PF squints and mumbles just as much as you want him to, and while it's obviously terrible, you can't help loving it. Cheese lovers unite!

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