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  1. It's flat out amazing how crazy racist that movie is. Jeebus Crest. You have to see to believe.


    edit: just off the top of my head: the Indian guy, James Earl Jones' entire character, crazy stupid native war leader, happy white people fighting the superstitions of the simple black folk... Pretty much anything in the movie.

  2. Coming in from the HDTGM page, I have to agree with feeling annoyed about unrelated podcasts coming up on that page. However, I understand that this was for two episodes only and I can bear it. It's a shitty advertising system though, and cannot be sustained. Make sure this is a two-off, earwolf!


    P.S. I don't mean any disrespect to this new podcast, but I just don't care about it. While I have your attention, do not ever try out the idea of advertising other shows mid-podcast. I hated those ads when they were at the end of shows I liked, and if you ever interrupt any podcast I listen to with not only an ad but with another show I'm not interested in, I'll be gone.

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  3. I've been out of the podcast since I think 140, when my patience ran out and I decided to go looking for something else (and found How Did This Get Made). BUT I've been downloading all further episodes for when I was in the mood again.


    So now they're done? That's a shame, I thought the 153 title meant they'd scrap the not-working campaign and started over, perhaps with a new DM, not stop entirely. Hm.


    No Ear Wolf recording studio being filled with farts and burps


    Some things will not be missed, obviously.

  4. I keep thinking about this for the last few days, so here it is: after rewatching, I need to correct my earlier "Pussy Galore" comment: island leader woman wasn't raped and got into S&M that way. I may have conflated that with the actual Pussy Galore and why she "became" a lesbian in Goldfinger.


    It's still a terrible movie, both worth watching and worth being on the podcast :)

  5. thebusiness: I posted the full youtube link further up, you should really check it out (edit: even more now that the next two movies are already confirmed, and E2E isn't one of them). It truly is mindboggling that this got made.


    I really, really want June to comment on the outfits, and if Jason's head doesn't explode when he watches this I can't wait to hear his opinion on everything. Seriously, I want Jason to do a minute-by-minute review of this.

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  6. Alright, if nobody gets on board with this, I might as well (hopefully) prompt at least some discussion.


    How about the fact that the island's leader is into S&M because apparently she was raped, and her psychologist (?) "helped" her to give out pain, so she wouldn't "ever feel this helpless again". It is suggested at the end that she can overcome that desire because Submissive Pretty Guy totally wants to love her and that "cracks her shell". It's Goldfinger's Pussy Galore all over. Bonus: it's the same "therapist" that sends SPG to the island. What the hell is his real job?


    Dan Aykroyd and Rosie O'Donnell are clearly shoehorned into the movie, you don't need to read the wiki to think that. Dan's lowest moment are pretty much in the trailer, but Rosie is occasionally the movie's device that allows the islanders to get their story out. And of course she gets to crack wise. Hilarious.


    There is considerable nudity and generally skimpy (and laughable) slave outfits to stare at, and the whole thing feels like they really tried to sauce it up while strictly being mainstream compatible. Keep in mind that it's from 1994 and they wanted it to have comedy appeal.


    Get on board with this, people. I know I was slightly annoying, but I swear it is worth it.

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    You can't be too disappointed if they don't mention something that stood out to you. All of us are unique little snowflakes.


    I knew this wouldn't translate over text, but I'm not really upset. I'm merely talking about that strange feeling that wasn't a thing up until now - remember, first time prewatching upcoming movie. I'm not sure I want to prewatch again, it may be better to enjoy their take, then post-watch the film and possibly comment on the minisode. I think pre-watching may ruin their take for me. YMMV of course.

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  8. This was the first time I watched a movie ahead of the podcast (as I've caught the announcement in the last minisode, listening to which was also a first for me) and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I've heard them discuss movies I knew and ones I was unfamiliar with, but somehow I expected them to mention things I was noticing while watching. I'm so unsettled by this that I've listened to the thing twice now and still barely remember it.


    Edit: I also expected to be attracted to at least the young Jolie, which I'm still not. I don't get it, she should be hot. I just don't see her that way. Hairstyles and clothing (for everyone) were atrocious, and the skateboarding... Why wasn't the skateboarding a bigger deal? I really don't think I liked anyone in this movie, and when cereal killer (?) was named as favourite actor in the thing, I damn near lost my mind.

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    Or it does work and the majority has spoken...


    In case it wasn't obvious (and it probably wasn't), I didn't mean that. However, if this movie isn't at least a serious contender for the show, then the system cleary is broken.


    Dan Aykroyd.


    Rosie O'Donnell.


    private S&M island.


    Why aren't the masses behind this? If Jason had twitter I'd make my own account - there is no way this movie wouldn't be done if he knew about it!

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  10. I can't believe this hasn't taken off... Seriously, nobody wants to see Dan Aykroyd and Rosie O'Donnell be undercover cops in search of diamond thieves on a private S&M island?


    You people amaze me. I would listen to Paul, June and Jason doing a show each on this thing.


    Obviously, democracy doesn't work.

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  11. Come on people, lets make this happen! It/somebody already merged my thread with a bunch of older suggestions, racking up (combined?) views (sadly eliminating my evocative title in the process).


    One of you nerds has to have a twitter account and be able to reach out to the show account, Paul and June.


    Show twitter: https://twitter.com/hdtgm


    Paul twitter: https://twitter.com/paulscheer


    June twitter: https://twitter.com/msjunediane


    Edit: really, forum thing? really? NOW I can post more than two links, but in my original Exit to Eden post I can't? Jeebus Crest.

  12. Hi guys, just joined for suggesting this true jewel of a film! I think the headline speaks for itself...


    Trailer (SFW) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKgizKufa6o


    [cut links]


    If anyone has twitter, put this to the team acc please!


    P.S.: it tells me I "have posted more media files than [i am] allowed to", so I'm leaving in the reddit link, as the comments contain both wiki link, and full movie on youtube link (which I had to delete from this post).

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