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    Episode 137 - The Avengers: LIVE!

    Not sure if this was mentioned before but what the hell is going on with the telegram to Uma to make her answer the phone? Does she not answer the phone before getting a telegram first? Does she not know what a phone is or what it is for? Unlikely - as she is a scientist after all. Why does Sean need to control the weather for money when he is clearly the richest guy in England? Apparently according to Steed after the opening training scene - ' the nuns were a surprise;' But what was surprising about them? They didnt kill him and he didnt kill them. But doesnt every training ground or firing range have an innocent character that you are not meant to kill? Like a kid, or a woman with a baby - or a nun? So what exactly is the surprise here?
  2. JohnGarethPartridge

    EPISODE 123 - Lifeforce

    This is blimey taste! Greetings from England! Just putting aside my Fish and Chips supper to comment on one of my fave bad films. So pleased you guys covered this one. It is, as Jason would say, straight up bananas! Some of my fave mad moments from Lifeforce- The vampire ship is 150 miles long with no life signs but they still manage to go to the only interesting bit with stuff to see. Ok, so maybe they are being drawn to that part of the ship be weird vampiric powers but shouldn't they have been suspicious if that were the case. Wow, guess we lucked out going to the only part of the ship with cool naked babes in it There is a scene on the ship where they say - "we are deploying the specimen bag" which is like a giant net! Seriously! Who takes a giant net on a derelict, alien spaceship?? What were they hoping to find? Space butterflies? England's idea of a quarantine lab is a corridor with loads of doors. No hazmat or any of that nonsense. Doors and plenty of them is all you need to stop space bacteria in its tracks. Later in the film, Carlson and Caine will be quarantined but they will be let out when Caine declares that he knows things about things that are happening. Fair enough then. Just saying - we don't do quarantining well The glass containers that the space vampires are in are not made of glass but some sort of force field. They are 'there but also not there'. This crucial fact will prove to be not relevant now or at any other point in the film. Favourite exchanges in the film between Caine and Fallada when Fallada says he is a deathologist. Caine asks - 'is there life after death?' Fallada - 'Do you really want to know?' Caine - 'No' Fallada - 'Well, I think there is!' Colonel Caine has a real rapey vibe through the whole film, particularly when he questions the nurse. Real creepy Who sends Fellada the ceremonial dagger that is just the right thing to kill vampires? Did he buy it on eBay? Of course not, it's 1985. Weird and no one questions it. Anyway, big fan of the show, first time poster but just really enjoyed this one, guvnor