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    The Stupids (1996)

    Release the Drive B!!!!
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    Bloody Mallory

    I mean the tagline of this movie is "Fuck Evil!" From the imdb page: Heroines Mallory, Vena Cava and Talking Tina fight the fallen angel Abaddon and his accomplices vampire Lady Valentine and succubus Morphine. This crazy ass pseudo-anime French sci-fi film is basically a more X-rated Buffy the Vampire Slayer...only with a kickass drag queen character and a telepath named Talking Tina. Come for the demonically possessed nun's face-acting. Stay for the Tina Knowles inspired villain costumes. I am specifically recommending the English language dub release, as it alone provides most of the entertainment of this film. It's usually available on Youtube although I highly doubt you will regret purchasing this one. Favorite quote: That was done by me."