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    Episode 190 - Hurricane Heist: LIVE!

    Why would a Federal Reserve (or whatever it is) have electrified cages in the basement? What is the heisters actual getaway plan? To escape in the eye of the hurricane, yes? But what if that eye does not follow a road or eventually goes out to sea? Its pretty risky and also stressful! To just plan on driving within the eye until you're out of town and the I guess the storm dissipates? that could take days of driving, needing to travel pretty fast all the time and don't even think about refueling!
  2. sethersmith

    Episode 185 - Adore

    Not getting to hear June's thoughts on this movie is the greatest injustice in the history of the world
  3. sethersmith

    Teen Witch

    Wait a minute, June DIane has a sister named DEEana? Isn't that a little confusing?
  4. sethersmith

    EPISODE 124 - Hackers

    Good points! And the main kind of "hacking" they do in this, or at least the one that gets them in trouble, is just logging in with someone username and guessing the password. This has got to be the easiest "hacking" of all, requiring no skill at all, and yet Joey "hacks" the gibson with this and everyone is "impressed."
  5. sethersmith

    EPISODE 123 - Lifeforce

    I thought it was weird how Steve Railsback (Carlsen) looks a lot like Cillian Murphy but nothing like June Diane Raphael